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    Feb. 20, 2006
    capital region, NY

    Default Wanted: Companion pony/horse (g) Cap. region NY


    I am seeking a medium-large pony (possibly a horse) gelding as a companion for my 4 yo TB Geding. I had a large pony (13.2) last year that belonged to a friend which is a good size for keeping a young man from getting too pushy. He was in with a goat, but the goat impaled him! No kidding...a 6 inch long 3 inch deep wound. An emergency vet call later, I decided to find a home for the goat. I think my horse would be happier with his own species anyway. So I am looking for something with no major health issues, rideable (by an adult) is a bonus but not required. I don't really care about age, I love older ponies and horses. Also, needs to be easy to handle on the ground b/c my husband is learning and I travel for work frequently. My set-up is not fancy but is safe. I have 4 strand electo-rope, 5ft tall, and a small two stall run-in barn. I don't have a lot of pasture but try to rotate between a sacrifice area and two small grassy areas so they at least have some fun chewing on the green stuff. I have awesome trail access down that road but I am not currently riding due to pregnancy. I don't have a trailer but I am willing to pay for transport. I can get references (my friend that boarded here last year is a vet). Please PM me if you have or may know of a good match! Capital region NY.


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    Sent you a PM.

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    Mar. 23, 2006
    Upstate NY


    would you consider a mare? I have a nice large that is 100% sound, and is a good companion horse, but can be ridden no problem as well.

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    I have a 16.2 hand TB mare that was never raced. She is a very easier keeper that requires little grain and gets along with both mares and geldings, currently she is turned out with both. She is a retired eventing mare that has bad hocks that don't allow her to be ridden but she is happy enough to play in turnout and gallop around. I would be happy to trailer her up to a good home in NY. I'm a college student and live in NJ and have been looking for the perfect home for her to be a companion. I have a rescued yearling from camelot and competing TB and just don't have the time or money to board her when she cannot be ridden. But she is my first horse so I'm having a very hard time parting with her. Please contact me back if you have any questions but I do believe she would be the perfect companion horse for your gelding. email:
    Thank you!

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    Oct. 12, 2007


    I have a wonderful large pony that loves to be a companion. He is currently out with my retired TB and 2 other ponies.

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    Dec. 10, 2012


    New to this forum, but I have a 13.2 pony gelding- excellent health, easy keeper, super hardy- we've owned him for 11 yrs and he's NEVER had a health problem, great hooves, easy to handle and rideable, driven in the past, about 17 yrs old. He's really a fun character, but we're needing to make room for a larger horse for my daughters. Let me know if you want more info on Jack!

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    A friend contacted me about her daughters lovely Lipitt morgan gelding, he is 11 years old, and very well bred. Currently located near Watertown, NY. I don't know all the details, but if you are interested, pm me and I will give you contact info...

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    Are you still looking for a companion? I have a 10 year old TB gelding who is unrideable due to injury. He gets along well with other horses and is easy to handle. He is an easy keeper as well. He is an all around good guy and I just want to place him where he will be happy.. Thanks

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