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    Default Dressage story on NPR today

    Dressage is it, this election season ... one of the NPR correspondents this evening (Julie Robner) is telling everyone about what it is, and who the big names are.

    Above is not the same story as I heard, but related, anway.

    She said her horse didn't cost a hundred K but "it's not a sport for the faint of pocket book."

    I am amazed that this one riding discipline has become the flash point for everything snobby and decadent about the Romneys, and to an extent, the wealthy.

    People who had never even HEARD of dressage are now discussing it. I guess at least my family will now have heard of it, at least!

    Just a bizarre turn of events for the equestrian world, I think. Too bad she doesn't event, the eventers would love the publicity I am sure ... of course, then all the animal rights people could come out of the woodwork and get upset about the dangers of it all. So I suppose dressage is the safest thing right now.

    This is on the dressage forum, thanks Mike, if I could figure out how to delete it, I would.

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    Jun. 18, 2011


    Nice product placement by Budweiser in that second video.

    An ice cold Bud must be the new Cristal. Now they just need to replace the Beluga caviar with pork rinds and they'll be all set

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    Jan. 5, 2010


    I think an effective "Dressage is for Everyone" or a "horses are for Everyone" campaign with all the free political PR could bring more people into and/or back into horses :=)
    Nudging "Almost Heaven" a little closer still...

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