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    My horse flips his head in the spring/summer due to the pollen. I have found that if I lather his nose (and ears to be on the safe side) with vasaline he doesn't do it. I've had great results with it. I only use it when shows so he doesn't get immuned to it. My friend with really bad allergies tried it on the edges of her nose and it really helped her. I guess it depends why your horse shakes their head. Its worth a try if you don't want to get disqualified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wcporter View Post
    Anyone have an up close pic?

    Also, how does it work like a nose net if the material is so different, i.e., bigger "holes?"
    LOL - I used to joke that if my horse thought those 1/4" holes were keeping pollen out, he had another thought coming... but I am also smart enough not to argue with a $1.99 solution in the world of horses!

    No - what I think helps is the hairnet depresses/pushes/makes contact with the area of the nose where the trigamenal nerve runs and this depresses the head flick response. Not one ounce of proof to that statement, but it makes a lot more sense than "it keeps pollen out of his nose"

    Here is a close up (and very large) pic of how I put it on:

    sometimes the knot came back though the hairnet (from under the noseband), but this one was just held in place by tightening the noseband. The bottom just cupped under his chin. If it was a larger hairnet, instead of cupping it under the chin, I pulled it up and ran the hairnet through the non-buckle side of the noseband and then buckled it (like you would a martingale)

    Obviously color choice and medium vs. heavy hairnets make a difference in whether anyone even knows you have a hairnet. I used to joke that if the judge ever saw the net it was because I had gone so far off course as to end up in the judge's stand, in which case I clearly had bigger problems. But still, you take your chances!
    Your crazy is showing. You might want to tuck that back in.

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