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    Default Marketing/Business Plans for the Equine related business?

    For those of you with an equine related business, did you hire help for marketing and creating a business plan?

    Did you hire someone with experience in equine fields? How did you find someone with the right combination of marketing/business experience and experience in the horse world?

    If you used someone with experience only in business/marketing, were you satisfied with your results or do you think that knowledge of the horse industry would have helped your business to succeed even more?

    Did you find hiring someone to be a worthy investment, or do you think most of it you could have done yourself with a little bit of time and research?

    It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got.

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    Sorry, I don't have any experience to offer here but I am interested in hearing what other people have to say!

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    Extensive knowledge of the equine world is a prerequisite for anyone trying to put together a business or marketing plan, full stop. You cannot produce good plans if you don't know the industry.

    The horse world is not rocket science, so yes, I firmly believe I can do my own plan and plan my own marketing (and have). I would be very wary of someone claiming expertise unless they had unbelievable credentials *as a consultant*. I would guess that the only equine businesses with the spare cash to hire someone would be at the very rarified end of things.

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    A good marketing plan can only help a business. That said, few in this industry are qualified to produce a truly successful campaign. One has to know how to apply proven, real-world marketing tactics to the very particular equestrian set. Add to that, there's no consistently reliable way to reach a targeted public in this industry. Thus it really does take a genius to build a noticeably persuasive equestrian marketing plan on a budget.

    Be smart, do your homework, you can definitely do a lot of the grunt promotion work yourself by building media channels and doggedly tending to them, but know this is a long term project. It will take years to carry out a marketing plan.

    Spend your money instead on professional graphic, web, print and logo design. And copy writing if you need it. These advertising essentials will lend your brand instant credibility and give you a confident jumping off point. Assuming the money is well spent with a quality professional, this investment will last for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixie View Post
    By no means am I a marketing guru but I have been in this industry for 35 years in 9 different facilities.
    The old saying "build it and they will come" holds true with an equestrian facilty if you choose your location carefully.
    Work backwards from your goals. What kind of people, discipline, quality, horses, etc do you want in your barn and business? Build/buy or rent a facilty that will attract and live up to the expectations of the people you want to attract.
    As far as location you will do better where there is less available land and more houses. For more affordability find a spot on the outskirts of these areas. Make sure it is easy to get to off main roads.
    As your business grows remember to treat others as you would want to be treated.
    It is always more profitable to keep your current clients than to bring new ones in.
    Market yourself with a good website and learn how to get up in the searches or hire someone to do it.
    If you want to start a lesson program start at the bottom (camps, pony rides) or hire someone to run it. You will need beginners...eventually they will be your boarders and participate in the more profitable parts of your business.
    Thanks, but I'm talking equestrian related - but nothing at all related to sales/teaching/lessons/barn. More along the lines of marketing a physical product aimed towards the equestrian set.
    It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got.

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