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    Aug. 11, 2011

    Default Parlanti tall boots - do they look like they are tall enough?

    Thanks to everyone that responded to an earlier thread regarding which boots I should buy...

    I went with the Parlanti's (Parlanti Passion - Miami) and they arrived in the mail today from the UK. They are absolutely gorgeous and fit great in the foot and the calf. The only problem is that I think they are just a smidge short even though I ordered them a little taller than my measurement, and I really want them to be absolutely perfect for the amount of money I just spent. I had custom Der Dau's but it always bothered me that they dropped more than I would have liked, and the Parlanti's are about the same height. I can send them back, but that will cost me in shipping. I could try to sell them on eBay, OR, I can settle.

    Do you think I would have an easy time selling them on eBay so I can order a taller pair that would add 0.7 of an inch? They are size 40, mediums (equivalent of a ladies 9 foot size). I need the size 40, medium plus.

    I am posting a link to a picture of the boots. Hopefully it works....

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    Nov. 13, 2004
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    What you've linked us to is your own email inbox, so it's going to be a bit hard to see your link from there. Download the photo to your desktop, go to, upload the pic, and then toss us a link from there, perhaps.
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    Nov. 29, 2010


    I know multiple people who have gotten Parlanti's that fit them well when they got them only to have them drop way too much. They ended up getting Tucci's after that which fit them perfectly and they barely dropped at all.

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    Feb. 15, 2002
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    Default parlantis

    I love my parlantis but was told up front to get the talls as they are cut short and I am barely 5'3.

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    Aug. 11, 2011


    I have decided that they are just too short ... they don't look terrible, but like I mentioned, I want them to be perfect and can get the same size boot but 0.7 inches taller. I am trying to sell them (would like to get $750) because the shipping to exchange them is astronomical. Think they will sell fairly quickly? I have them listed on eBay with a starting bid of $720, on, craiglist, and am spreading the word on Facebook. They are a foot size 40 (equivalent of US ladies size 9) and are a medium calf (45.1 cm = height, 31 cm = top of calf, 33 cm = widest part of calf) if anyone is interested or knows someone who might be.

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