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    May. 5, 2009

    Default Anyone used SUCCEED?

    I have a horse who is prone to colic. I actually had to take her into the university last night, luckily no surgery. Has anyone used SUCCEED and had luck with it? Thinking about putting the horse on this. Thanks!

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    Oct. 30, 2004
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    Default YES!!!!!

    I started Rasta on SUCCEED several years ago and it's made a big difference in his general physical well-being. Took him off of it for a month last fall just to see if there was a difference and I could have KICKED myself - very different horse in less than a week so back on he went. I also feed him mostly beet pulp: a heaping scoop dry then soaked + a slight scoop of Triple Crown Senior 2x/day. In the past couple of months I've been able to switch over to a similar Smartpak product but only after a couple of years of priming that hindgut with the SUCCEED paste - for my horse at least, the cost has been well worth it. Give Dr. Kim Keeton in Watkinsville a call to hear more technical information.

    Glad to hear your lovely pony is ok!!!!
    ~ it no longer matters what level I do, as long as I am doing it..~ with many thanks, to Elizabeth Callahan

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    Nov. 28, 2008
    Lexington, KY


    If you didn't already know, if you put your horse on the new Succeed Veterinary Formula, they will pay your vet bill, including surgery, if your horse colics again.

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    Sep. 24, 2003
    Bristol, TN


    I've got our eventing horses (ie, all but the retired children's ponies) on it, and really like it. Seemed to make a pretty visible difference within a few weeks.

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    May. 5, 2009


    Thanks for the great information!
    RunForIt, I use Dr. Dan Carter who is awesome! We were going to call Dr. Keaton out last night if Dan wasn't able to come out. He came out even though he was not on call for his clinic.
    I think I am going to give it a try. They are doing a SUCCEED Challenge where you get a starter pack free when you buy 60 days worth, and if you're not happy with the results you get your money back.
    Would love to keep hearing about how it worked for you guys!
    My girl is doing well, and will hopefully be coming home from UGA on Wednesday.

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