I am looking for a tiny pony for my son to love on and learn about horses from. Would be great if my 4 year old cousin could ride it as well. I'm thinking 40ish inches...probably not much bigger so that he's comfortable with it (he's 2.5 years old). Prefer free as my free cash is tied up in moving my retired gelding down to Texas at the end of the summer (and maybe a pony). I'll be in central Ohio/Pennsylvania (Johnstown area) until mid-August, with my trailer because I am moving my retired gelding I've owned for 15 years down to Texas (San Antonio area).

Age doesn't matter but pony must do ok in heat as it will be moving to Texas with me. I keep my current horse and will be moving my retired gelding to my cousin's little ranch. Lots of room, grass, trees for shade, and a little barn with stalls for feeding time (otherwise the horses and donkeys come and go as they please). The pony would receive lots of love, treats, and attention. As well as regular vet/farrier/dental care.

You will be able to keep up with the pony on Facebook, either through being friends or just checking out my photography page every now and then as I'm sure I'll be posting pictures there of my son and cousins with it! I definitely prefer a pony that can be ridden at the walk and trot by itself, my cousin's kids have a pony and can ride my retired gelding or my other gelding so I picture my son being able to ride around in the pasture behind them on his own pony.

Picture of my son and his 4 year old cousin

My cousin with my other gelding

Both cousins with their pony.

A couple of pictures where you can see the horse part of the property...