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    Jun. 14, 2008

    Default Need bit recommendation please


    I have a horse that tends to pull and shake his head on the landing side of jumps. (not always, he's one of those horses that builds as you go)
    I'd like some recommendations on bits for this. I ride him in the "perfect" bit, which he loves, but not much stopping power in it. I'd like to try some little cross country jumps and worried I may not have enough control.

    thanks in advance for any suggestions/ experiences.

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    Jan. 31, 2012
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    One of the horses at my barn does this. We put her in a studded noseband when jumping and it's worked wonderfully.

    (Probably best to put my flame suit on now because I remember seeing a thread on here a while ago that studded nosebands are "evil.")
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    Nov. 10, 2011


    My mare did this. She was a freight train when she started jumping. But quite soft in the mouth otherwise. I rode her in an egg butt dr. bristol. The difference maker for her was a tight flash noseband. That mare could twist her jaw any which way to avoid contact, rendering any bit useless. When we went XC and the noseband wasn't enough, we tried a Kineton noseband on her. With that I could get her to stop dragging me. While it may have been harsh, it was much safer for both of us, because I actually could get control back very quicly with much less effort. I had to retire the mare soon after the discovery of the Kineton, so I only used it twice. But like any other gadget or training tool, it got the point across and the end goal would have been to get her out of it ASAP.

    Alyssa - now we can both be flamed.

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    Jun. 14, 2008

    Default thanks

    thanks for both recommedations.
    I have used a noseband with a chain before - I think it helps but my understanding was only in conjuction with a standing martingale, and if I do go cross country I can't use one.

    I saw the Kineton in the Bit of Britain catalogue and wondered if it worked. Maybe I need to post this in the eventing group as well.

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    I mean no offense by this, but have you eliminated the possibility that the head shaking is due to something you're doing? Gaining speed is one thing, but throwing the head around can easily be caused by the rider, especially if you're hanging onto her and not releasing enough in attempt to keep her from getting quick. Do you have a coach involved in the bit change decision?

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