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    Can you maybe split the dose? Give him 0.25mg in the morning feed and then 0.25mg in the evening feed. Do that for a week then up to 0.50 in the morning with 0.25 at night for a week, until you get him at the dose you need.

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    Thanks all help.

    Researching I found this:

    At the end under Dosages - a mention that some (I guess just a few) horses and ponies can be controlled with .25 .50 mg/day Perg.

    Also: Under Basal tests:

    Interesting that the ACTH (control) reference range they use 18.68 +/- 6.79 pg/ml is the same as the one that TAMU uses - where my horse was 84 in Sept.

    What I don't understand are the numbers listed for the ECD horses
    199.18 +/-182.82 and 206.2 +/-319.56. ???
    Can anyone explain?

    Also I have some photos taken last April of my horse on Facebook I don't know how to direct anyone there that is interested in looking at them.

    He had shed out a lot by then - and even moreso later when his neck went almost bald. It all grew back and then some mid summer. Not like a winter coat - just a bit too long for summer.

    I will try to get photos of how he looks now. I am a computer dumb-dumb and that I figured out how to transfer photos to Facebook is a mystery to me. Anyway, now my horse has a long winter coat, hairy/feathery legs - and the hair on his face/forehead is even longer than it should be.

    Thanks again all!
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