I'm in no rush, looking for the right situation for us. DD is 4.5 and rides my large pony. He is a saint but a bit too big for her to maneuver. We also have an old mini who was her little pony ride pony as a toddler but she has outgrown him so his current job is grooming teacher and hug receiver.

Would love to find a free lease situation on a pony that can do walk/trot, maybe a short canter eventually.

Older ponies welcome, Breed not important, needs to tolerate the affections of a child, and get along with the others (two of the biggest weenies)

Again, we're in no rush, I'm just anticipating as time goes on, we will be running out of something for her to ride. The kid is such a peanut she doesn't have the strength for my large (yet)