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    Default Possible early foaling - how to prepare

    Our only pregnant mare of the year looks like she might deliver early. She is currently 310 days, her belly has dropped, vulva is relaxed and she is uncomfortable. She has a nearly full bag, but milk is not yet in - still yellow but very sticky and easily extracted. I typically judge by milk which would tell me not yet, but all other signs point towards "sooner" rather than later. Aside from the normal preparation, what else should I be ready for when it comes to a possible early arrival?
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    i don't know and don't have an advice to give you but ill watch the camera as much as i can!!

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    I JUST had a 311 foal on the 17th of May. No one believed me that she was going early, not even my vet ;-)

    1) warn your vet to be prepared with plasma if needed
    2) make sure the stall is prepared and that you aren't scrambling to look for straw
    3) make sure your mare gets her vaccinations that she should get about 30 days ahead of foaling
    4) de-worm as suggested by your vet
    5) have a foaling kit in a safe, convenient, dry, clean place in the barn
    6) have cell phone charged and in your pocket at all times!
    7) camera & camcorder charged with space for taping things
    8) deeeeeeeeep breaths, regular checks and I be she does it between the time you check her (mine went after 4:30 and before 6:30 when I got home).

    Best of luck!!!!!!

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    Aug. 6, 2007


    Oh yeah,

    make sure you have a CLEAN baby bottle on hand in case you need to milk the mare.

    And ask your vet if they have frozen closterum too.

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    Even with all those signs, she can stretch it for another two weeks... Ask me how I know.

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    It's somewhat hard to tell from the photos b/c they are so up close but looking at the third one in my opinion I don't think she'll go early.

    I have one who 'chronically" goes early-she has one filly named "unexpected" another named "surprise".

    Anyway, she's in foal again and coming to the end of her term and looks like your mare-only mine is bigger (belly wise)

    BUT, it's actually a bit of a shift in the belly back-the baby getting into the canal more and the mare's hind end getting really "mushy" with their tail head almost looking like it's popping out high, from the sagginess of the muscles preparing for the birth, that are more of a marker for me.

    You have time. I've had them come as early as 320 and they've been fine.

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