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    Default Saddle Fitting Woes

    I thought I found the perfect saddle for me. I tried my friend's Custom Wolfgang Solo and it put me in the right position and for the first time, I could actually use my core correctly. Just to make sure, I had the local saddle fitter come out with a bunch of saddles. She looked at the Solo and didn't think it fit my horse too badly, but thought it pinched him a little.

    I tried a bunch of the saddles she brought but none of them felt as good as the Solo. Except, my horse seemed to love the Schleese Triumph. His back came up; he felt freer; and he wasn't his normal sluggish self. Besides me feeling the difference, everyone watching could see it. The saddle fitter suggested I play around with the thigh blocks (she gave me a thinner one that I should be able to adjust to mimic the one on the Solo). Needless to say, I'm not putting him back in the Solo or my old saddle (Hennig Sofa) or any other saddle that I've tried where he hasn't felt that bouncy.

    The Schleese definitely put me in a better position than my old saddle. My trainer and the saddle fitter thought that by adjusting the thigh blocks it should be able to help with my issues that the Solo helps with. My issue is learning to open my hip angle and use my core - I can push off the Solo's thigh block; I know, not a permanent solution but I thought that if it taught me how to ride correctly, then I could always get something else later. The benefit of the Schleese is that I can adjust the thigh blocks as I learn to ride better. The big con of the Schleese is the price b/c it's new, and more importantly, I hate having doubts regarding whether there is anything better out there.

    So, is there anything else out there that may work for both me and my horse, or should I go with the Schleese and learn to like it because he loves it?

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    I have a Triumph, 2 Waves, and a semi-custom from Schleese. I like them because of the adjustable trees. I would have had to buy 3 saddles by now for one of my horses because she changed so much as she grew and developed muscles due to training.

    I ended up buying the Triumph without thigh blocks and getting some really small ones from Wintec. I hate the big thigh blocks. I had smaller ones made by Schleese on two saddles, but they won't make them that small any more without charging you about $400!! The Wintec ones were $40 and you can't tell that they didn't come with the saddle. So not only can you move the thigh blocks around, you can totally change them to what is comfortable for you. I really like my Triumph and hope that you are able to like it as much as your horse does!

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    My advice, regardless of saddle type, is to only buy off the rack. If you find a demo that works over 1-2 weeks, then buy it if you can. I know too many people who order a new version of the demo and had it not fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnicklefritzG View Post
    My advice, regardless of saddle type, is to only buy off the rack. If you find a demo that works over 1-2 weeks, then buy it if you can. I know too many people who order a new version of the demo and had it not fit.
    That's what happened with my Hennig. Tried it out - loved it. Got mine that I ordered - didn't like it.

    The Schleese I'm trying is the one I would be buying, which is a huge plus.

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    Talk to the rep/company & see if you can demo or lease the saddle for a couple of weeks/months.

    Check with Equestrian Imports as they offer Schleese now & have a saddle lease program (nothing to indicate that Schleese saddles are exempted from this).

    You want a saddle that your horse loves but it also needs to be one that supports you, any reason why Schleese can't modify the blocks to suit you (you can go the velcro route & then modify them again later).

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