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    Nov. 4, 2001


    Fluf you changed you name I liked it before!

    ~Unapproved Princess Clique~ Proud member of the DUMBELL CLIQUE
    The perfect hunt horse should" 'Ave the 'ead of a duchess an the arse of a cook"
    Why does Ryan hate me user name?!?!
    Ridin Horses is what I love, that's why my Bailey is from heaven above!!
    Look mommy!! He's wearing bellbottoms!!!!
    Rider and owner of the wonderful *Halo Effect*

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    May. 16, 2001
    Alaska. Not in an Igloo.


    1. Your Favorite Thread of the Year - The one with the horsey poems. And Lovely Alices Tack Shopping Story.
    2. Thread that has impacted you the most - The P.V. One
    3. Thread that just wouldn't die - Baby Greenie...Helmet Threads...
    4. Thread that you wish had never died - All the fun ones about shirt dying!
    5. Topic that has given you re-occuring nightmares - I don't know.
    6. Person who posts for no reason but to see their name in lights - Catherine...
    7. Best username - findeight.
    8. Most annoying username - Fluffy Feathers...or anything Helmet related
    9. Most inspirational poster - Merry. Kachoo.
    10. Poster in most need of visiting a sanitarium -Anyone who puts up with me.
    11. Poster whose threads you look most forward to reading - Anyone somewhat articulate, or remotely funny.
    12. Poster who you want to come back as in your next life - Anyone with multiple horsies! and lots of show shirts!
    13. Poster who you most want to meet in person - Mclain Ward.
    14. Clique that you most want to be a member of - California Clique. Next Year Baby, here I come CSU!
    15. Poster whose horse you would jump in front of a train for - Anyone with pretty, shiney WBS
    16. Poster that always puts you in a good mood -
    Spaz, ErinB
    17. Most Valuable Friend that you have gained as a result of this BB - I'm kinda a loner. But ya'lls rock!
    18. Most memorable event from the BB this year -COTH virtual horse shows!
    19. Poster who you want to "vote off the island" - any trolls!!!
    20. Thing you would change most about the BB - No more threads that have been said 19 million times!
    21. What you like best about the BB - a word...EVERYTHING!
    22. Has any - one/thing/topic - changed the way you live? umm, i dont think so...
    23. In general - how was 2001 for you? Fun!

    Eeks! My horsie looks like a mule!!!

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