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    Apparently not.

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    Well, I have a story to share. When I lived in Sacramento, I leased an 8 year old Mustang x QH. That horse, frankly, was my heart horse, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a mushy hormonal 14 year old girl. I rode him bareback and bridleless, I ran around bareback with no hands, I took him down the roads, we did EVERYTHING together. I trusted him with my life, like I have never trusted any other horse before, and he trusted me.

    Shortly before I moved, his owner sold him to an adult friend. His new owner was my friend as well, and I visited him and we rode together. His new owner got pregnant and sold him to a 15 year old girl. He had a home for life, she absolutely adored him, he was the perfect horse for them, etc. I was told that I could be allowed to visit him as long as I was accomponied by his old owner (I never did).

    About a month ago, I found his current owner's FB (through his old owners', I never did any sort of creeping/stalking ). I messaged her on fb, explained who I was, and how much this horse meant to me. I made it clear I had NO intention to try to get him back, I just wanted to know how she was doing.

    She friended me and messaged me back asking if I wanted to buy him because she's allergic to him and they most likely have to get rid of him. I told my mom and she really had no sympathy. Since then, I've lost sleep and cried a lot over it, but my hope is that I may be put in contact with his new owners or that they won't have to sell him. I hoped that one day I would be able to own him and he would be mine, but now I have pretty much accepted that I will most likely never see him again. It absolutely breaks my heart, but I have come to terms that I pretty much cannot do anything about it.
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