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    Default Hamstring injury in horse

    Vet and I think that my horse was injured in the hamstring area from a kick. Not totally sure since there is little outward signs except a hard swelling/knot and discomfort when manipulated. Horse is pretty lame. I would say a 3/5 at trot. He thinks this will resolve itself with time and some bute. Just curious to know if anyone else has experienced a similar injury. What did you do for it and how long did it take to resolve itself?

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    Default relief for hamstring injuries

    I have had hamstrings pulled in deep mud with both my horses over the years. Use hot water/towel compresses on the area. Sore no more gel with arnica and use sports therapy compressions. Shouls clear up in 1 to 1/2 weeks with no bute needed!

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    Jul. 15, 2005


    Thanks Alexmarkum

    I have a feeling that it is something more serious. I'm on day 14 and still lame at trot even with a course of bute. Vet thought it did not move like a stifle or hock injury after watching the horse go and thought it would resolve itself within 10 days or so. I still can't find any swelling on leg and the initial knot in hamstring is now gone and horse is not sensitive to touch there. I have a feeling it might be a stifle injury and my luck with them has not been good. I'm hoping horse just needs more time but in the meantime will call vet to get a followup.

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    My horse just came back from a hamstring injury. It took 6 months of no work, just pasture turn out. Vet thought it was a hip injury so that's why he had so much time off.. but turned out to be his hamstring.. as per the chiropractor. At five months I had the chiropractor evaluate him and work on him and keep.him straight. He is now back to full work.

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    Horses with hamstring injuries can also develop fibrotic myopathy/fibrous scar tissue that can limit range of motion. It's a mechanical lameness, not a pain-related one. One of my former eventers had to be retired due to this: he couldn't bring his hind legs through far enough to track up.
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