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    Default Drama Queen Horse

    So my normal mellow WB mare has decided that she is the princess and the pea. I am not kidding she is the most body conscious horse I own. One minute sleeping and then you change anything...the saddle pad heaven forbid and she is a whale thrashing around. REALLY

    I went to ride in draw reins for the first time and heaven forbid she felt them on her chest and freaked I mean freaked. Had to jump off and remove them as quickly as I could. I thought I was on a rodeo horse. GEESH really?

    Anyone have anything like this? I mean seriously. She is the sweetest thing but every now and then something just sets her off.

    That being said I totally love and adore her and she is uber uber talented just missing a special brain area I guess. She has gotten better as I have trained her more and more. Still afraid to approach her muzzle with clippers! HA HA
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    sounds like a mare, honestly.
    I'd approach from a hormone perspective, and an ulcer perspective, cover those bases and then tell her she's still Jenny from the block
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    I would say my horse is a drama queen....but he is a gelding He, however, changes with the weather, more than any other horse I have ever owned...and he is my first warmblood! Yesterday, 75 degrees, sunny, breezy...perfect show day! Today, 55 degrees, rainy, breezy...tried to just lunge and he was running around like a giraffe with a ticking bomb under his tail, snorting and scooting Good grief...he is worse than my mare!
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    yah you should see someone try and hand me something from the ground while Im in the saddle LOL

    I try not to change things too often
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    sounds like a training/handler issue to me . If you know she is sensitive you need to be aware and prepare her for things like straps on her chest etc.

    so, what do i mean by that? don't just think she knows something... better prepare her... spend some time desensitizing etc.

    Then be a fair and caring rider who doesn't blame her for not knowing something. She can only know what you have taught her after all

    However all that said - don't let her drama get her out of fair/correct/ work.

    this coming from the rider of a very sensitive drama queen of a mare.

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    Mar. 24, 2010


    My horse is a total drama queen diva. However, because I stay calm and don't let him have his way he eventually decides it's easier to get over himself than keep doing whatever repetition I'm doing to lull him into boredom (or to work as hard as he has to when a distraction from whatever is needed.)

    Some horses are more overreactive than others. A large part of my horse's careers before me involved galloping away from or over anything which could be bothersome. He's very high energy and very sensitive. If I let him misbehave instead of working through it - he would be the ultimate drama queen. Instead, I stay calm so he has nothing to feed off and keep him working, and now he gets over things in a hurry because there's no reward in not doing so.
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