I will first admit that I have only read through the first half of this thread, so bare with me! I am a junior rider and working student. I have been a working student all my life because I was not born with money saturated parents. My first four years of working studentism were with my first trainer, whom I cherished. After that I took 1 year off from riding with a trainer and rode by myself, and got back into it right afterwards with my current trainer, (whom I have been with for almost 2 years now). My job is not overly difficult, but it does require hard work. I groom, I ride, I give some lessons, and pick up the jobs that the 'stable hands' forget to do. I have worked hard to get my position, and I believe I have earned the trust of my trainer. I have made mistakes along the way, and it's unlikely I will stop making mistakes as I continue along my way. I once left a gate open with 2 horses in it (Who luckily didn't escape because they were more interesting in eating). I once mixed up horses in their stalls, but recognized it and switched them around. I am a very hard worker, and a supreme perfectionist. Unfortunately it is both of these things that actually cause me to make more mistakes. I try sooo hard to get things right all the time and be the 'perfect working student' that I end up making mistakes. It makes me feel very bad when I make any mistake. I do have a truly awesome trainer that understands this and helps me get through and get 'better' at not making mistakes. I can honestly say that I have not ever made the same mistake twice!

It's none of my business to give an opinion on this young lady, because I do not know her or your barn, or how things work there. I can, however say, that this thread really makes me sad, because of all the adult individuals that were so quick to condemn this young lady.... Would I also be a target because of one little or big mistake I made? Would they look at me and say I could never achieve my 'educational dreams' because I made that mistake? Am I bad or irresponsible because I'm a teenager?

I really hope not. I try to be perfect and not make mistakes. I always doulble-check everything, and usually do more work than I have too. You'll often find me spending an extra hour re-sweeping the barn floor after hours so that it's clean looking, and re-checking all horses to make sure they were brushed, blanketed, and put away for the night. I DON'T HAVE TO do this, but I do, because the horses and the barn are important to me, and I cannot stand leaving the barn looking dirty, or the horses left without being cared for. I DO care about these things, and could not consciously go to sleep without worrying about it.

I don't know if this helps at all! This thread makes me sad, but I have to thank it! It has made me even more appreciative of the position that I already feel very greatful to hold with my trainer and the stable owned by [the trainer]. I'm so glad that I have someone that helps me learn from my mistakes and keeps me going with support and encouragement. I guess not everyone has one of those.

That's all I have to say,

Life is a one time journey, so make the most of it!

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