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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jch:
    I did not say any trainers are drug dealers. I asked was how could a parent allow their child to spend time in the company of known drug users/dealers. If a child is around someone who is using drugs, or going places with that person, they are likely to be exposed to others involved with drug use as well. This is simply not a safe situation for anyone, but especially not for an child who may be impressed by behavior they think is cool because they are with their trainer.

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    Sorry for the confusion... I know what you mean about being impressed... my old trainer's the reason I started smoking and a different trainer (a well known pony trainer so I won't say their name) would give my friends and I alchohol whenever we wanted it at shows.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by heidi:
    I think on-site counselling may be difficult as addicts typically hide, and deny, their addiction. The annonymity of a 1-800 counselling service, or at least a referral service, that the AHSA could underwrite, might be easier for some addicts to accept. Perhaps the AHSA could initiate a fund raising drive, or designate a portion of their annual budget, to underwrite such a service.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Excellent thoughts Heidi. The services would have to be confidential, and at the same time, accessible. There are probably some good models for these types of services already in place in other sports and professional organizations.

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    In only 6 months this board has taken a massive turn of attitude. The begining for this was the weight issue thread. But only till someone spoke up the ones who had been inflicted felt too timid to post. You could read threw the lines and point out the ones who were inflicted. Its very hard to come foward and say HEY WORLD WAKE UP CAUSE HERE IS MY STORY. A year ago I would have never poured out my past on the boards to let a large audiene read. But something triggerd inside. I don't know if it was anger that people were acting like this was a new fad or the fact that hearing what that judge said triggerd many years of hate from what my ears heard. All I know is some thing inside triggerd and without thinking there was my story writen with my own angry fealings.

    For a day there I felt that I had made a tramedous mistake cause I crossed that line of personal experiences. But as the emails from other people poured in that day I relizes that that mistake was the best mistake I made. I seriously was skaired that people would lose respect for me. I lived a horable life but that fear is no longer with me. Im not happy with my mistakes but To be the person I am at this very moment Is a wondres gift. I still don't know how I did it by myself with no help but I did. I got well and went on with life.

    What's wierd is looking back on those years and remebering how bad I just wanted to die. Only till you feal your sole actualy lifting from your body is when it realy hits you. Now I wonder what i was thinking.

    What realy made it worth wiled was getting leters from people saying help I think I have a problem. You can't save everyone but you can reach out your hand.

    During that time I met a very special girl well not a girl anymore but a wonderful young lady with so much to live for. She steped over that threashhold and said I need someone to talk with. With just that she has gone from a timid girl to a powerful young lady who has so much wisdom its skairy to talk to her now. but once in a while she will slip but she reaches out and we bounce back together. This young lady just needed someone to tell her she was important. Kind words can go such a long way. you know who you are. This is for you. she is not the only one who has handed their hand to me but she has been the bigest chalenge. Im proud of her cause she has now had the privalege to experience the joy she has brought me. I wrote a letter to someone that took about 4 months to write, One evening I sent her a copy and It was a huge impact on her. Such a big impact that she took the letter and printed 2 copys and gave them to 2 dear friends who would not admit they had a problem. with that small act she whitnesed her own revolution. IM VERY PROUD OF YOU!

    There is so much that can impact someone with the simple act of writen words. This young lady and I would like to reach out to the comunity of all levals. A mystery of storys writen by many riders is what her and i would like to ask from all of you. There are so many things we can do to reach out to others.

    We would like to put together a book of stories of riders who have whitnesed or been personaly inflicted by any of the things parents wish we never had to deal with. I have stories of riders with anorexia, drug abuse, alchal abuse, and even a rider who cut themselves to relieve the stress. All very pourfull stories but the more the stronger of a book we have and a grater impact.

    All I ask is to sit and write what comes from the heart nomater how grafic it is. its not going to just be a book of the evil but also a book of triumph cause these people are alowing others to read their words and feal what they felt.

    Please everone ho want to make an impact help me achieve this goal. No names will be mentiond and frankly I think the book will be writen By Anonomous. so all who are reading this weather a member or not please help me and my friend have the ability to use your stories to touch even just one more person.

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    Just know Allyson that what your mom was going through, was none of your fault. Although extremely difficult and I am terribly sorry for your loss, you can't help someone that doesn't want the help. No matter what you try.

    As a recovering alchoholic myself, know one could help me untill I got my head out of the bag, so to speak. It is an awful cycle to break.

    We always wonder what could have or should have been done in situations like this, but hind sight is always 20/20. Try and look foward and savor the friendships you have.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Debra C:

    ~random drug testing at shows for humans, similiar to that we do now on horses.
    DRAWBACKS: many legal substances test as illegal and there are sometimes legitimate reasons for someone being on certain drugs (IE morphine) which could be considered illegal. Thus you might suspend someone from a show only to find out they had a legit reason for that they did and that now they are angry b/c they missed a chance to point etc etc.

    ~strict (AHSA related) penalities for drug involvement/conviction. IE if a trainer was caught by law enforcement doing drugs they would be barred from the AHSA shows for X period of time.
    DRAWBACKS - may keep trainers off the circuit but they are still training - and realistically how many people get caught anyway?

    Debra - kudos to you for your support, generousity and willingness to help.

    Your suggestions above are indeed good, with many other drawbacks that would cause quite a debate in the industry. To be successful, it would require a zero tolerence policy from an agency - in this case the AHSA. And to enforce the policy, it would take big $$$$$$.
    Perhaps a way to enforce the policy would be to require a yearly license fee for trainers.
    This could cover random drug testing costs - at least for illegal drugs.

    That is just one part of it. It would also require the MAJORITY of all trainers SUPPORTING the concept - not arguing or complaining about additional fees.

    I remember several years ago, the Racing Commission posted a notice that all trainers at a local track would be subject to random drug testing if they entered a horse. Very interesting. But I think right on the money. Trainers, owners and staff undergo an application process, criminal background check and fingerprinting in order to work/ride/train. Maybe we should take a lesson from the racing industry.

    But again, this zero tolence concept must be supported by the majority. Cries of "invasion of privacy", "its nobody's business", etc. would end it before it started.

    And you are absolutely right about the supervision of juniors. I can't say any more. Any trainer (or adult, for that matter) that supplies his/her underage students with illegal drugs or alcohol better ealize that they are looking a 1) the possibility of criminal charges and 2) the possibility of child abuse allegations filed against them.

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    It's nice to want to reach out to those who are addicted, but we must remember that the ONLY way help can be utilized is when the addicted person honestly WANTS help. Only then can the recovery process begin.
    Therein lies the's a vicious circle...when addicted and in denial, do you want help? Sometimes having another person point it out can make a little bell-in-the-head go off...sometimes it drives one further into the abyss...

    My horse bucked off your honor student!

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    This is an old thread and should have been closed before.

    This discussion can continue on the new thread:

    Illegal drugs

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