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    Default Where to buy horse stuff in london or paris

    My parents are going on a trip and want to bring me back some british or french-bought horse tack (<3 its payment for petsitting for 2 weeks hehe)

    So any tack shops (is that what theyre called over there?) in London or Paris? Anyone know of any places to buy horsey themed olympic stuff? Is there anything that is cheaper overseas that you would recommend? I suggested a saddle pad as thats one thing my non horsey parents could probably recognize Although I would really love a nice new bridle... mine is going on 7 years old...but thats something I would have to pick out!
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    Horse Avenue in Paris was a fun place to visit. I bought a beautiful Herve Godignon halter and a saddle pad there. I think it was in the 13th Arr. but I can't recall for sure. They should have some lovely bridles. Just make sure your parents have your horse's measurements.

    I don't think you'll get any "deals" at Horse Avenue, but the quality is wonderful.
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    Harrod's has a tack section.

    I like Jeffries bridles and they have a lot of their strapgoods there.

    Harrod's also make their own saddle soap which is very nice and officially inexpensive. Who'd a thunk after watching Harrod's international shoppers spend in that the most phenomenal 19th-century ever? But it's true. Find the tub of Harrod's saddle soap.
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    I second the visit to Harrod's, the whole store is pretty amazing and then there is the tack section!

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    PADD has two shops in Paris.

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    Besides Harrods, Lillywhite's in Piccadilly has a riding department too. Well, they did when I was there last many years ago. Got a really nice set of web reins pretty cheap. Lots of stores carry Barbour coats for less money than in the US.

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    Aug. 22, 2009


    I found Joules stuff in the UK a lot cheaper than it is in the US... that was in Edinburgh, but I'm sure there's stuff in London, too.

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    Harrods is great! A real experience, even if a bit overpriced. And the ground floor has a great food hall, if you can stand the sticker shock on some of the gourmet foodstuffs! Harrods has such a wide variety. They even sold lion cubs in the past!

    They also have riding in Hyde Park, W-T with a guide. You can do more riding in Wimbledon Commons or Richmond Park, though.

    I'd like to check out the tack shops in Paris myself. Not sure what they have, but I imagine they'd have an Hermes shop with some tack. Curious to see what folks say about Paris.
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    LOL, like Paris and London...OLD WORLD?

    Have fun shopping!
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    Must go to PADD Tack Shop in Paris! I love it! I bought a couple of saddle pads from there, and some ear bonnets. I wish we had one here!

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