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    Oct. 1, 2005
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    Default RIP Jimmy Young

    Crossposting from FOL:

    James L Young, MFH-emeritus Orange County Hunt, passed away Friday evening 25th May, 2012. at the age of 70. He served as Master for 27 seasons. He succeeded his father, Robert B Young.
    His mother, Sybil also served as field master during W.W.ll.
    His wife (of 51 years) Sally H. supported him throughout all their years....on and off the horse..... Frequently seen riding one, ponying two!
    His son Stirling H, hunted many seasons (Piedmont, Middleburg, Fairfax, Tryon
    etc ) and his son James R. (Rob) hunted with O.C.H as well.
    Jimmy loved the Orange County ringneck hounds. He had a passion for their genealogy and was instrumental in the planning of most breedings.
    Funeral service will occur at 2 pm. Thursday May 31st at Trinity Episcopal
    Church in Upperville, Virginia. In lieu of flowers, the family has asked for
    donations to be sent to the Hunt Staff Benefit Foundation at P.O Box 363
    Millwood, Virginia 22646.

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    Aug. 14, 2000
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    He WILL be missed. Such an institution.

    If there is hunting in the afterlife, he'll be in first flight.
    "I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay."
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    Oct. 1, 2005
    Sandy, Utah


    Well, a propos of the other thread, I went looking for pictures I know I have of Jimmy riding in the pairs race at Piedmont with Jacqueline Onassis. But of course I didn't find them.

    Instead, I did find pictures of Jimmy judging the Bull Run Hunt puppy show in 1987 (a rare set of photos w/o the cowboy hat!):

    And I cannot resist ribbing Jimmy one more time with the pics below from Bryn Mawr, 1986. Yes, Melvin did win the pack class...again...but we were second by a close whisker, consensus in the crowd was that it was a tossup, and even Jimmy said he wouldn't have wanted to have to decide!

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    There's quite a few photos of Jimmy in the book "The Hunt Country of America Then and Now" by Kitty Slater. Page 76 is a photo of him with Mrs. Kennedy at the aforementioned hunters pairs race at 1984 Piedmont Hunt Point-to-Point. I'd scan them in, but don't want to step on the author's toes.

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    Jan. 15, 2008
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    So very sorry! A friend in Middleburg called me on Saturday..

    Great pictures! Thank you. I hunted OCH but with Melvin...
    "Her life was okay. Sometimes she wished she were sleeping with the right man instead of with her dog, but she never felt she was sleeping with the wrong dog."

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    Jul. 14, 2000


    Aww, I had heard Jimmy had some health issues recently, so sorry to read this news of his passing.

    I knew the Young's through the local Stirrup Club in Williamsburg, VA back when he was the principal of the High School and the son's were wee young things in the early 70's. They were generous with their riding knowledge and very kind. At the time Sally rode a strapping bay TB named Turn Rich and they made for an elegant pair out on the trails.

    Hugs to Sally and the sons.

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    May. 25, 2003
    Orlean, Virginia

    Red face and we lost another star.....

    Yes, the American Ring at the Va. Foxhound Club show will never be the same. Truly a colorful and strong personality who loved hunting/hounds.

    And did you all know Nick Hartung also passed last week of respiratory disease?

    Quit smoking ya'll.....horrible way to fade away.....

    Happy hunting up there gentlemen!

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    Sep. 16, 2003
    Flint Hill, Virginia


    His funeral was quite the sendoff. Chilling Amazing Grace by Tutti the caterer lady who has some-kinda lungs. Jimmy's grandson, wearing his granddad's suit and bow tie (they fit Harrison perfectly!) read an Ogilvie poem Hoofs of the Horses that had the 500+ in attendance (including JSwan!) totally in tears.
    Then Tutti sang a bar of When the Saints and then a brass ensemble took it up and it was like a New Orleans wake! I wanted the congregation to break spontaneously into dancing and clapping but it was a more buttoned up crowd.
    But you could see everybody's toes tapping like they were thinking the same thing -- Flash Mob at Trinity Church!!
    * -- Virginia hunt country's best Bed-and-Breakfast-and-Barn.

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    Oct. 18, 2000


    Yes, it was quite the sendoff. My heart broke for the family and I hope the presence of so many helped ease their sorrow.

    For those not familiar with the poet or the poem, these are the words that had all of us in tears. Real horse people will understand; it doesn't matter what discipline you participate in.


    The hoofs of the horses! Oh witching and sweet
    Is the music earth steals from the iron-shod feet;
    No whisper of lover, no trilling of bird
    Can stir me as hoofs of the horses have stirred.

    They spurn disappointment and trample despair,
    And drown with their drum-beats the challenge of care;
    With scarlet and silk for their banners above,
    They are swifter than Fortune and sweeter than Love.

    On the wings of the morning they gather and fly,
    In the hush of the night-time I hear them go by-
    The horses of memory all thundering through
    With flashing white fetlocks all wet with the dew.

    When you lay me to slumber no spot you can choose
    But will ring to the rhythm of galloping shoes,
    And under the daisies no grave be so deep
    But the hoofs of the horses shall sound in my sleep.

    -William H. Ogilvie, 1933
    Brothers and sisters, I bid you beware
    Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.
    -Rudyard Kipling

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