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    Default Rate to haul horse

    I tried searching the forums so please forgive me for posting this again, as I know this has been discussed on here before.

    What is a reasonable amount to charge to haul a horse for someone? I know this person, we live in the same town. I would be trailering it about 40 miles.

    Do most people charge per loaded mile? Or would I charge for 80 miles since I will be driving 40, dropping off said horse, but then have to drive 40 miles back home with an empty trailer.
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    Generally, you figure only loaded miles, because you could be hauling something else back.

    The going rate starts at .60 for some commercial haulers and goes up to $2.- for private ones, depending on so much else than just the miles, like if you are a trainer hauling to a show for your clients, etc.

    Be sure you have proper insurance to haul for pay, or if something happens, you may be in trouble.

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    For my clients, I charge:
    * Loaded – 1 horse $1.25 per mile
    * Loaded – 2 horses $0.75 per mile per horse ($1.50 total per mile)
    * Loaded – 3+ horses $0.60 per mile per horse ($1.80 total per mile)
    * Unloaded $1.00 per mile
    (we're in California, truck is a diesel dually, and I'm hauling local - to horse shows, clinics, etc)

    I would still charge for the unloaded return, since it's still using fuel (w/ trailer still attached), my time, & I wouldn't otherwise be going there. That's why the "unloaded" rate is lower.

    However, please be careful. Are you a trainer with insurance, or just a friend willing to help out? Do not take any $$ if you are friend - or at least don't have a verbal/written agreement about providing a service. If you don't have insurance & are covered for trailering other people's horses, you could get stuck in some serious problems if an accident happens.

    Most friends just load up together, don't say a word about the "arrangement," and maybe a $20 bill shows up on your dashboard at the end of the day. If this person really needs her horse hauled somewhere, I'd leave that to someone who hauls for a living / has insurance to cover the situation.

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    A few years ago, the going rate was about $1/mi. They charged for the round trip. Another person charged $2/mi, but I did not use them.

    Some people also have "hookup" fees - so a flat rate just to trailer and then charge by the mile as well. Might be something like $50 hookup and then $1/mi. That may only be for a loaded mile though - which may be why there's a hookup fee - to cover gas for the trip back and some wear and tear on the vehicles.

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    I dont haul professionally... just for friends and such.

    I usually fill my truck up when I leave, then have them fill it back up after the haul

    that works pretty good.. Im not sure what that is per mile though

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    I think there are several factors involved as one of the other posters mentioned - if you charge (as in to earn money) then you may be required to carry additional insurance (and might also depend on the weight of the trailer) vs. doing a friend a favor where you would essentially be reimbursed for cost. You might check the current IRS mileage rate to see what it is - I think its around $0.55 per mile. The IRS factors in insurance and wear & tear on vehicle. For example I recently got reimbursed for mileage thru my job. I got a check for $20 for 37 miles of travel. My car gets about 24 MPG so my fuel cost was probably about $6.00 - so the IRS rate is $14 more than my approximate fuel cost.

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