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    May. 17, 2010

    Default Niacin? (B3)

    In high doses Niacin can treat many different things, such as depression and arthritis- also loweres cholesterol- yay! So my odd-ball geeky question is- has anyone used Niacin to treat your horse's arthritis (or depression). I have not been able to find any info on this, which suprises me. Or maybe there is a vet out there that knows a reason why it should not be used on horses??

    I was taking Niacin and found out that my friend's doctor had just prescribed her Niacin for her arthritis and it was helping. I started giving some to my dog and after about 2 weeks we noticed she was moving around much more. Still limping, but not laying on her bed all day any more.

    So now I'm thinking about my horse.....
    Can't seem to find any Niacin horse supplements. Sure there is Niacin IN other supplements, but in such small doses. I'm figuring I'd have to give my horse about 6,000 mg per day at least. I know Twinlab makes a 1000mg capsule (that's what I take)...
    Also thinking that the Niacin should help the absorbtion of Cosequin he gets as well.

    Does anyone have any info on Niacin use in horses?

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    Jan. 16, 2002
    West Coast of Michigan


    Niacin in high enough doses to lower cholesterol can cause intense flushing, itching and is VERY difficult to tolerate. Since horses don't develop problems related to cholesterol, this point is sort of moot. And niacin in high doses, although it can help with human cholesterol levels, has not been shown to actually prevent heart problems. We very rarely use it nowadays.

    Niacinamide, although infinitely more tolerable, does NOTHING for cholesterol.

    It is the latter product, I believe, that is supposed to have (extremely modest) effects on joint mobility. Probably not worth the bother.

    Niacin's effects on depression, memory, etc. are mostly hype and there is virtually no substantial evidence showing it does anything at all.

    So I guess if I were looking for a "kitchen sink" sort of method to do something for my horse's sore joints, I'd choose niacinamide and not niacin, and give it a 30 day trial. AFAIK it is pretty harmless, at least it is in humans.

    I would hate to give a horse enough of a dose of straight niacin to cause the flushing that it causes in humans, because it's VERY uncomfortable.
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    May. 17, 2010


    Thank you deltawave.
    I'm not really not interested in using Niacin to regulate my ponys cholesterol levels , nor his mental state. But what I am interested in is getting increased blood flow through his joints (which should help the Cosequin & Pentosan as well). I think flush-free Niacin would not be as useful. Since I take Niacin myself, I know what the flush feels like, especially if you take too much at once before you find your sweet spot. I take 1000mg per day, My 90lb arthritic dog gets 400mg/day and it seems to actually be helping her. It doesn't upset her stomach like aspirin does either.

    I know the flush isn't very comfortable, but neither is having arthitis pain.
    The depression connection is not hype by the way.

    I was just wondering if anyone had tried it. Just like one would use cold lazer or microcurrent therapy to increase blood flow to certain parts of the body to aid healing, my thought was, maybe people are using Niacin for the same purpose?

    Thank you though

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