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    Nov. 7, 2009

    Default Low Tolerance for Frustration

    No, not me. But my husband of twenty years.
    I guess I have been getting used to his sometimes childish behaviour when life doesn't go smoothly but recently we went on vacation and there were times when I wanted to strangle him.
    We toured a European country - did not book any hotels ahead and had a loose itinerary. There were some glitches: hotels less than perfect at times, one time we didn't find a hotel right away, there were some issues renting a car.
    Really nothing major, it could all be resolved and it was part of traveling. My husband's reactions really got on my nerves more than usual. When I talked to the car rental company he had to leave the office, he was so mad. Rather than saying something unpleasant he was stewing outside.
    For the most part he controls his temper but gets sort of passive-agressive when things go wrong. Sometimes he has tantrums like a five year old where he throws things around.
    When confronted he says he just "gets mad" and can't deal with frustrations.
    Anyone else deal with this? Your experiences?
    Me thinks that hubby could pull up his pants, man up and deal with frustrations in a more mature way.

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    Jan. 9, 2007


    I think what you think.

    I'm not a guy, but know when i get frustrated over something completely stupid, it's usually because i have built up frustrations over other things. It's difficult to see when it's happening, but usually i can look back on the situation and see how unreasonable it was to get upset about something easily fixed.

    Do you approach him after about it?

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