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    Default Woman Accuses Humane Society of Horse Death. Society Says Woman is on "WitchHunt".

    Well this is a major and unusual "she said, she said" situation. A woman is blaming the Humane Society for a rescue horse dying. The society is saying she is on a "witch hunt". Who do you believe? Warning: Graphic photos and video at link.
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    Long article. All the names involved made my head swim.

    “He was upside-down, and his neck was stuck in the front of the trailer,” she said. “He was covered in sweat from being so stressed out.”

    While the Reynolds and sanctuary owner Kathy Hart say the horses were moved in an open-stock trailer, Frieborn insists that it was a box-stall trailer, and that she witnessed the driver, Joe Martinez, put Ranger in the trailer first, close his compartment and then load Mystery, giving her the back portion of the trailer. Martinez checked on the horses during transport, she said, and saw that Ranger was cast in the corner of the trailer, so he opened the divider to give him additional room. Martinez did not return calls for comment."

    A cast horse doesnt need just room, he needs helps to get to his feet. Was his head stuck in the front of the trailer for the reminder of the trailer ride ? Since Martinez is not commenting further i wonder how long the horse was cast and stressing out. Poor boy.

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    "Ranger had to be dragged out of the trailer using a chain hooked to his halter."

    Who's idea was that? No wonder he had “excessively wobbly.”

    I'm guessing a horse that is 36 years old has a lot going against him. Without more facts about how long he was cast. Was there help along the way? One driver, who may or may not know about horses maybe couldn't help the poor guy on his own considering there was another horse in the trailer. At 36 years old maybe the move was just too stressful on him. Poor guy maybe should have been put down humanly rather them moved to begin with.

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    When they get that old it doesn't take much for things to go downhill fast. Why the officer made the decision to move them I don't know but it's done, the one horse was stressed past his ability to recover and I'm not sure why they are now sueing. Justice? Revenge? Too bad. RIP Ranger.
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