It would appear that the USET was a welcomed user of the land but never had any title to it. While Beneficial owned the land there was not any other use and possibly they paid the taxes to keep the land from being a liability for Beneficial and Beneficial listed it as an asset or Casperson paid the taxes as his donation.

We were told that the USET was going to stay and use 100 acres with access to some of the balance. The impression certainly was that the USET had been deeded the 100 acres. I have not found anyone yet who can say for certain that the USET is the taxpayer on the records as a land owner, or that a deed to those acres was ever filed. There are some people trying to find that out.

I strongly doubt now that it is true. Since they had agreed to 113 acres for Green Acres that sounds to me like the land of the USET and perhaps one other section where there was a private estate or house on the extra 13 acres. Since part of the original plan was houses in conjuction with the golf course they would have wanted to keep all the acreage accountable in order to use it as an amenity. Frequently in this area you can dedicate part of the acreage as open land and use that acreage to get approval for cluster housing.

If for example there was a zoning requirement of 10 acres per house, they could put the houses on a 5 acre lot and the open space could be counted in for another 5 acres per house. So far as we know the paper work for the Green Acres has not been executed on the 113 acres.

I don't know how much acreage is used by the golf courses, let's say perhaps 100 acres per course so
you can see there is probably about 200 acres left for houses. I cannot imagine that they would sign over 100 acres worth about $20 million for nothing and then another 113 acres for Green Acres. That surely would be a bad business plan.(by the way that could be where the rumor started that the USET had $20 million in assets)

My guess is that the township will have something to say about expanding the use by golfers as a violation of zoning codes for this new group. A Membership fee of $1 million does limit the possible members. And, whatever the annual management fees could be very heroic and keep the commoners out. The township may not approve of the new plans in which case this group of buyers will back out and the land will be up for grabs again.

I assume although I haven't checked that it's zoned residential and the golf courses required a limited variance while the Hamilton Farm buildings were grandfathered.