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    Default Overseeding pastures - grass recommendations?

    I'm in southeast Texas (Houston area). After the terrible drought last year my pastures are in pretty rough shape despite trying to rotate the horses, water when I could, etc. They've come back somewhat this year, but there are definitely a lot of pretty bare patches where the grass has just died. My pastures are all predominantly Bahia grass with a little bit of Bermuda in places. I'm thinking of overseeding or planting sprigs this year (in hopes that we'll actually have rain throughout the year!). I know I'm already late to the party to get stuff planted, but any recommendations on the different grasses that are available? Thanks!

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    I've wanted to ask this question for a while...
    Why can't you plant a pasture with grain oats?
    They sell oat hay why not an oat grass pasture?
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    I'd do a soil test to see what your PH is and go from there.
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    I would have a soil test done - here in NC we can take samples to our local extension office for a free analysis.

    Our climate here is very similiar to Texas. We just seeded with Bermuda this spring, and were told to overseed with oat in the fall.

    Fertilizing is also important and beneficial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5 View Post
    I've wanted to ask this question for a while...
    Why can't you plant a pasture with grain oats?
    They sell oat hay why not an oat grass pasture?
    Because it is not a perennial. In other words it does not grow back without reseeding each year. I also believe once it reaches maturity it dies. Just like wheat. Which is yellow by late June around here.
    Never heard of "oat hay"

    OP, sorry don’t know anything about growing good grass in Texas other then it being difficult. King Ranch used to ship all of their cattle to our area, SE PA to fatten on our grass for that reason I guess.

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