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    Jan. 28, 2009

    Default Complex ovarian cyst/tumor and surgery

    I wouldn't usually write about stuff like this on a public forum, but I really have no one to talk to about it.
    For the past couple of years the pain I experience during my period has been getting unbearably worse. It has gotten to the point where at least one a day of every month I am in agonizing pain, and all I can do is take strong pain killers and lie in bed in fetal position while crying. I feel tired all the time with no energy, and have also started to have abnormal bleeding. I finally had enough and went to see a gynecologist 2 weeks ago. All she wanted to do was a pap smear, eventually I managed to convince her to draw some blood. It was like she didn't believe me, and her only suggestion was to start on the lupron depot shot. After reading the side effects of the shot I decided I'd rather not.

    So fast forward to last thursday, I was working with my 2yr old TB colt. Not exactly sure how it happened but he reared up, struck out, which knocked me over, then landed on my back. At first I wasn't going to go to the hospital, but I was bleeding and bruised and thought I better make sure nothing is broken. So off I go, turns out nothing is broken so that was good. However, the doctor said on the pelvic ct scan that he saw a mass on my ovary the size of an apple. He said I would need to have it removed, and scheduled me for an ultrasound the following week. Today is that day and I am a little nervous.

    I own/run a farm with 20 horses, 4 of which are a clients extremely valuable TB yearlings, and 5 of which are my (hopefully) valuable yearlings! June through september is the busiest time for me. The yearlings start getting hand walked and prepared for the keeneland sale which is in september. I just don't know what I am going to do if I need the surgery in the next few months. I am assuming they won't be able to do it laparoscopically because it is too big. How long could I expect to be out of commission? I have an employee 6 days a week who helps with stalls etc..but I do feeding and turning out at night, and saturdays I am on my own. Don't really have the funds at the moment to hire someone else. Just feeling a little stressed!

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    Eastern Ontario, Canada


    Sending best wishes and jingles.

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    May. 11, 2009
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    Best of luck and jingles.

    Take heart though-they may be able to remove it vaginally (I know it sounds terrible, but better than being cut open through your abdominal wall) they do many hysterectomies that way.
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    Well, you're probably in surgery now, but here's wishing a speedy recovery. Which, I am willing to bet will be really fast. No matter how they go in, it can be pretty minimal these days, invasively, and I bet they already told you what to expect, so you can tell us when you get out. That said, you are going to be really happy that you are not in pain anymore. I am willing to bet that even through the pain of post-surgery, you will be able to tell that that cyst pain is gone, and will be feeling so much better compared you will be very very happy.

    There is almost nothing to compare with that cyst/ovarian pain. It truly is debilitating, and most of us women who have experienced it, even the ovulation of an egg pain know what it is. Like many of us, you proabably bear the pain well, and won't realize until you don't have it any more just how much of it you were living with. The recovery time I am willing to bet won't be much more than a week or two, tops. That is my guess.

    Thinking of you, and lots of luck. Let us know how you are!
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    I had this done a couple years ago. I had a lot of pain around my period, on one side. I went to the docs, they gave me an ultrasound and found my cyst.

    6 months (and 6 scans later) I went in for surgery. They ended up finding them on BOTH of my ovaries, they were between 5-7 cm each, a few on each ovary (I cannot imagine how bad you must have felt with that monster on yours).

    They did it laproscopically. Through my belly button. Yours may be able to be removed in sections, I very highly doubt they would go vaginally (that's a lot of traveling through a lot of lady bits).

    I was back up and about after a week, heavy barnwork wasn't done for 3 weeks (feeding/turn out were OK, some light stall cleaning) but no riding for about 5. I wasn't in pain so much as tired.

    You really are better off getting it taken out because if that sucker blows it can be fatal. I got the speech from my doc about internal bleeding.

    Oh, and I got pregnant after that. I never ovulated (hence the cysts, eggs that never departed their home base) and was told I'd never have kids.

    The only scar I have is a small umbilical hernia which I would never know was there, except the baby is getting big (7 months) and it looks like half my belly button popped out.

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    Mar. 8, 2004
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    Just do what you have to do. Everything else will work itself out. I had two surgeries in four months (one planned, one emergency) each requiring at least two weeks of no lifting. People helped me out and it worked out ok.

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    Jan. 28, 2009


    With all of the pain/medications/stress, I forgot I started this thread! I really, really appreciate everyone's kind words, they really mean a lot. I had surgery on Friday morning, and am feeling pretty terrible at the moment. Thankfully I have someone to help with the horses. The surgeon said I must have been in a lot of pain, it was a big tumor and was pushing on all kinds of stuff. She ended up taking the ovary and fallopian tube with it. I haven't had the results from pathology back yet, but am hopeful that it was just a benign dermoid tumor. The doctor said it had hair inside, gross!! Thanks again for the replies, it really made me feel better.

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