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    Default Saddle Fitting: Dry areas under saddle?

    Hi Everyone, Happy Monday!

    I'm trying out a few different saddles, and the current demo is leaving a dry spot under the saddle. It starts right behind the withers and runs along the muscle on either side of the spine starting at about 1.5" down from the spine. The dry area is approximately 3" wide, and 8" long.

    I was told a long time ago that dry areas under the saddle meant that there was a pressure point. Is this true? How many of you have dry areas under the saddle?

    The saddle is an XW Black Country Quantum X. There is only about 1" clearance between withers and saddle (girthed up with a rider) but the width of the channel is plenty wide enough for the spine width. I am working with a fitter, but I figured someone here may also have an answer to the dry areas.

    Also, the horse is not sore and is moving nicely under saddle.

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    it could be that there is a lot of freedom under the saddle, so a lot of air could be circulating under there and causing the dry spots. If you rode the horse on a hot, humid day, and the horse was dripping wet with sweat, AND you had those dry spots, THEN i'd be worried.
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    This is just a lay-rider opinion (granted I own more than 10 saddles) I would think this indicates a spot of no-pressure, not a pressure point. And the way you describe where it is, perhaps an appropriate one (although worth discussing with your fitter of course).
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    In my experience dry spots are from too much pressure. From a tree bidgeing (dry spot behind the shoulders) or two narrow, pinching the shoulders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Appsolute View Post
    In my experience dry spots are from too much pressure. From a tree bidgeing (dry spot behind the shoulders) or two narrow, pinching the shoulders.

    it doesn't always mean the saddle is too small.

    Sounds like the saddle is too wide to me. 1" of clearance is not enough. especially on a BC. It will settle.
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    It sounds like that is where the gullet of the saddle would run along the spine. I've never had that area of my saddlepad be wet before, only the spots the saddle touches.

    Try riding a slightly dirty horse in a white pad and looking at how dark or light the dirt spots are.

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    Yes, generally, the dry spots indicate too much pressure. The pressure prevents the sweat glands from working in that area, hence your dry spot. Nothing is ever 100%, but it sounds like the saddle is too wide and therefore all the weight is resting on the top of the panels along the spine, instead of being distributed evenly through the whole panel.

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    The saddle tree shape may be too curvy for your horse.

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