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    Default A safey reminder -- Please Read!!

    I know typically cross posting isn't something the moderators like to see. But this really is an important topic that EVERYONE in the horse world needs to keep in mind. The importance was driven home this past weekend at an event whre 2 girls were transported to the hospital... but thankfully they weren't dead.

    They opted to stay overnight in their trailer... soemthing I've done more often than not when at shows and clinics. I HATE the high cost of hotels. Unfortunately for these 2, they ran a propane generator for (I think) their AC. Friends came to get them early in the am and found them sick with Carbon Monoxide poisoning... but again, better sick than dead.

    CO detectors are less than $40 and literally save your life!! Even if you don't run a generator, I've seen the CO alarm go off in a trailer where a family was sleeping after someone unrelated parked their truck next to the trailer and left it running for a few minutes.

    PLEASE!! If you stay in your trailer at all, PLEASE invest the small amount into a CO detector.
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    good reminder...

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    Wow what a good reminder! Also a good reminder for anyone using a propane powered heater in the barn during an all-nighter, or even inside a house during a power outage. Always make sure you have good vents and a battery operated CO detector (with fresh batteries).
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    You should get a Caron Monoxide detector for your homes or apts too!

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    Great point! THANK YOU for the reminder!
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