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    Default Carbon Monoxide: A safety reminder -- please read!

    I know typically cross posting isn't something the moderators like to see. But this really is an important topic that EVERYONE in the horse world needs to keep in mind. The importance was driven home this past weekend at an event whre 2 girls were transported to the hospital... but thankfully they weren't dead.

    They opted to stay overnight in their trailer... soemthing I've done more often than not when at shows and clinics. I HATE the high cost of hotels. Unfortunately for these 2, they ran a propane generator for (I think) their AC. Friends came to get them early in the am and found them sick with Carbon Monoxide poisoning... but again, better sick than dead.

    CO detectors are less than $40 and literally save your life!! Even if you don't run a generator, I've seen the CO alarm go off in a trailer where a family was sleeping after someone unrelated parked their truck next to the trailer and left it running for a few minutes.

    PLEASE!! If you stay in your trailer at all, PLEASE invest the small amount into a CO detector.
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    You should put some of that in your title, so people look at this and read it.

    "Safety reminder" can be anything from a helmet topic (which is a hot button right now) to being careful when around a horse.
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    Excellent reminder. We had two deaths here locally when a travelling carnival overnighted in town....I think it is something most people don`t even take onto account.
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    so very true. I know a family that was friends with mine all died from CO poisoning several years back (I don't think I was born yet) from their car. I don't know exactly what happened, but somehow they left their car running in a closed garage and the next morning, they were all found dead. It is a very serious matter. Another thing to be careful of is the engine start button on one's keys. When my mom was buying her car, it had one, and the person at the dealership had one too, and someone came over to him because it had been pressed with the key in his pocket and had turned the car on. My mom got the car, but got rid of the key with the engine start button on it.

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