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    luvnBoston Guest

    Exclamation hard ridge of bumps between eyes - please help!

    Hi everyone-
    I'm new here to posting, but not to reading up on everything. I'm wondering if you all may be able to help me out as there are no real answers being found as of yet and the condition appears to be getting worse, not better... surely SOMEONE on here has seen this:

    The photos below depict Boston’s profile and front view both before the bumps appeared, when they first appeared, and how they look now: on his left, the lumps now continue to the corner of his eye, and on the right side of his face, they continue below the eye about half way.
    This ridge of bumps appears to be unrelated to the bump on his nasal bone that appeared a week after a horse grazed his face with a kick (not a full on blow) which has responded for the most part to Surpass (a topical anti-inflammatory) and the ridge of bumps has not.

    All of the bumps are HARD, do NOT move, and do NOT appear to be sensitive. The new growths appeared last thursday (5/13), about a month after the first ones appeared. It was not a slow development, they weren’t there one day, and were suddenly there the next and have not responded to Surpass (topical anti-inflammatory).

    To rule out a skull fracture we did an x-ray. And to our surprise, nothing appeared. You’ll see a picture of the xray, the needle pointing to the nasal bump. The ridge of bumps did not even show up which is hard to believe considering that they are significant. Photos do not do these justice- they are obvious when looking at him head on and from a profile, I would say they raise probably about ¼ to ½ an inch from his normally flat skull.

    There was a thought that these could be sutureline periostis (an inflammation in the tissue where the nasal and facial bone connect). However, there is not a lot of medical information on this condition and my vet had not known about it before a friend found it online while helping me do some research.

    Again, these are HARD lumps (feel as though they are bone, though xray confirms they are not), have no give and do not move. They are not sensitive and do not bother him. They appeared overnight a month ago, and the continued growth (to the corner and underneath eyes) appeared overnight last week.
    fracture has been ruled out by xray.
    Considerations are being given to Sutureline Periostsis. But there are no real answers as of yet. ANY ideas, input, thoughts, anything is very much appreciated.

    View from the lower (looking) left:
    Right side of his face:
    Left side of his face:

    Front view:

    View of the left side of his face:

    Close-Up of the right side of his face:

    Normal profile, right side of his face:

    Normal front view:
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    Sep. 18, 2009
    West Seattle, WA

    Default hmmm...

    Well, I don't know much about anything...but maybe melanomas? I had a gray that had them in his skull, but they did not show like this. Also, I wouldn't expect melanomas to be hard like bone but the fact that you say it's growing made me think that. IDK ...

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    Jan. 31, 2003


    Some type of parasite?!!! Yucky thought.
    "Kindness is free" ~ Eurofoal
    The CoTH CYA - please consult w/your veterinarian under any and all circumstances.

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    Sep. 30, 2008

    Default suture line periostitis?

    It sure looks like what I just read about in Equus Magazine, Feb 2010 issue.

    "Suture Line Periostitis -

    Definition- Inflammation of the connective tissue between the frontal bones of the skull.[A suture line is where the flat bones of the skull come together, nothing to do with stitches. Periostitis is inflammation of the periosteum, the fibrous tissue covering of bone.] Often accompanied by bony proliferation, rapid and excessive growth of bone, in the affected area.

    Causes- A variety of factors, including injury and infection, but in many cases the cause is never identified.

    Treatment- There is no known cure for suture-line periostitis. Anti-inflammatory medications may help reduse swelling. In cases of encroachment into the sinuses or eye sockets, surgery to remove excess bone growth may be necessary."

    The article in Equus is a case report about a horse that looks remarkably like yours (except bay), diagnosed at Cornell, with the lesion considered just a cosmetic problem, not a health problem. So a good thing to hope for!

    If you can't find info on line, PM me and I can snail mail you the article.

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    raindog Guest


    A huge ridge on my ottb mare's face just appeared about 10 days ago.
    I'd read the article in Equus as well, which kept me from hitting a HUGE panic button. As soon as I realized Mandy was not in pain or showing any signs of discomfort or brain damage, I assumed it was this suture line condition. I also want to explore the chance that it's "big head" illness, however. Have you heard of that??

    Has your gelding's condition worsened? Mandy's face is pretty drastically misshapen at this point. The lumps follow the line below the eyes in a skull picture exactly.

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    Feb. 18, 2008


    I would have said he fractured his growth plate,but you said that didn't show on the xrays....don't know.

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    Nov. 1, 1999
    Someplace Wet


    former boarder friend had a TB mare turn up with lesions like this. Working thought is that she fractured the frontal bones shaking head. It was the start of the bug season and Miss Princess Fairyfluff was just that sensitive.

    She had no real issues. Owner gave her time off during the start of the worse swelling and then simply started riding her again. She paid careful attention to the bridle fit and if the mare showed resistance in the head during work she was careful to make sure it was not because of discomfort.

    The bony prominence went down slowly over the next year

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    Nov. 9, 2005


    get a vet out as it could be so many things

    and have it properl looked at as it could be an infection a virus or melonmas or bad tooth glutenose pouch etc
    like i said to many things to speculate
    my motto if in doubt call a vet out rather call him out for something even if its nothing as they are after all the animal doctor you would waste time on a kid if ill so dont on your horse

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    Dec. 12, 2003


    we had one develop that same thing. He was a very large horse, dark bay and it was quite obvious. We never figured out what aggravated it, and eventually, it went away. There is no evidence of it today.

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    May. 21, 2012

    Default Swelling on face

    My 6 year old TB mare developed swelling between her eyes and on one side of her face, almost overnight. The vet ruled out blocked nasolacrymal ducts and administered steroid injection with 2 days of steroid powder by mouth; swelling got better but not all gone; my horse was senstive to having it handled but is not bothered by bridle, riding etc. Vet suggested follow up digital xrays at some point if it doesn't go away; this started on 5/14/12 and was much worse the next night. While it is getting better, still has a couple of bumps. Vet also suggested suture line periostitis; not sure what might have caused it but I hauled her on the 14th and she may have bonked her head in the trailer.

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    Sep. 15, 2008


    I had a gelding that got bony bumps like this every summer. I thought it might be his sinuses since they dissapeard every fall and came back every summer.

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    Jul. 1, 2011



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