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    Default thin soled horse, mild-moderate back soreness...

    ...any chance they may be related? I don't have the best footing unless there's a LOT of grass and it's staying pretty dry = hard footing in this part of Georgia. Absolutely saintly acting horse has over the past 4 weeks become showing anywhere from moderate to mild symptoms of back soreness and is very thin soled. Other symptoms are not wanting to go forward, grabbing bit, not wanting to canter on the right lead - flocking changed in saddle and then doesn't want to canter on left lead and wanting to buck when made to canter. Yes, may well be saddle fit issue and horse has a history of this but not leaving any stone unturned...your thoughts will be appreciated!
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    Could be related if he's foot sore. I have had horses who get sore backs because their front feet are sore.

    I'm actually dealing with thin sole issues myself with one of my guys. Its so frustrating!!! I think the horse is shod the best way for him, now just trying to toughen up the soles, had to take a brake from hacking and riding out of the ring.

    Some of the other symptoms kinda sound like SI. There have been a few threads about that...

    Hocks/ stifles can also make their backs sore. As can a poorly fitting saddle.

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    Sure they could be related. If he is compensating to protect his feet,either from sore soles or any other issue like hoof imbalance, his entire body will suffer. If he is barefoot, try shoeing and see if he gets better. If he is shod, a change in the way he is shod may be in order.
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    Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil helps for sore feet...has liquid Turpentine in it's ingredients as well as Durasole and Magic Cushion Hoof Packing

    What helped my guy was shoeing him with steel shoes and leather well as hock/stifle injections

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    In my case it was sore hocks that caused back pain.

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