Cross post from Around The Farm:

BARN CAT: I just trapped a very feral orange tom cat that has been being a bully to the friendly cat at my barn and coming up by the house to annoy my housecats. I am also not planning on being here long term so I don't want to have a feral barn cat around to worry about when I move.

I am willing to get him neutered, but he needs a new home.

He is an adult and has always been a barn cat so no guilt about a previously pampered pet moving outside.

He is currently located near Arcade, NY, but transport is possible.

INDOOR CAT: There is another cat here looking for an indoor home. Very friendly, neutered, but FIV positive. This one is NOT mine, but I will provide contact info.

I cannot take anymore cats indoors - 1 bedroom house and I already have 5 cats.

** Listing together, but no need to go together - the 2 cats don't even know each other**

PM or email for phone#