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    Jul. 1, 2011

    Default How Long For Antares Orders?

    When I got my new Antares helmet in February I ordered the 'insert' type thing that goes on the helmet cause I wanted the one with the logo on it. I placed my order with the tack store I got my helmet from. I ordered it February 17th I believe, though I don't know when the store actually put the order through. About 5-6 weeks ago (Endish of March I would guess) I went back to the store to check on if there was any info on it. Well they told me to give it a couple more weeks b/c Antares had called them a couple weeks previous to check what size helmet I got so they could send the right size insert thingie.
    I went back into the store a week and a half back and they still have no idea when the part would arrive! It's been about 3 month now.
    Has anyone ever ordered anything from Antares? How long did it take you to receive your order?
    I am just quite shocked at how long it's been. I know ordering custom saddles from over seas often take a long time, but that involves like, making the saddle! This should just be grabbing the insert off the shelf and shoving it in a box! Though it seems to take a long time for anything cause when I bought my Antares helmet, I later discovered according to the sticker it was already 2 years old!

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    Any time I buy strap goods or anything other than a saddle, I email Brad in Customer Service and he gets it right out to me, he is awesome. I have no idea about the helmets though, since I would never consider buying one.

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    I second calling Brad! He's great, he'll help you out!

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    Jul. 1, 2011


    Thanks guys, I will have to check this Brad guy out!

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