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    Oct. 20, 1999


    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Erin:
    6b. Maturity (a few people quit in a huff; the rest of the participants stay near stage 4, with stage 5 popping up briefly every few weeks; many people wear out their second or third 'delete' key, but the list lives contentedly ever after).


    <singing a la Kumbaya> It's got to be B it's just got to be B , What else could it B ........

    Cause I'll never make A rated! Besides, there are too many interesting and interested people here to not understand how a little brisk weather brings out the buck in the greenies, the seasoned hunters just pin their ears, swish their tails and show the youngsters how to follow the line.

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    "If you would have only one day to live, you should spend at least half of it in the saddle."

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    Jan. 23, 2000
    Arlington, VA


    Erin - that is sooooo accurate!!! And guys I vote for 6B b/c this board is so awesome and we owe it to ourselves (and besides we don't want to bother the moderators tooo much do we??)
    Sarah ( & Regal)

    what doesn't kill you makes you stronger -
    unless it breaks your heart first

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    Nov. 5, 2000


    Because I had the flu and felt terrible and was recuperating from several years of horrible consulting assignments and long commutes.

    Then my horse was kicked by his pony companion and was wicked lame. The veterinarian thought he might have a fractured bone and would have to be put down, but that was nonsense. The pony is so small that, in my opinion, a kick from him could not result in a fracture. A good dose of bute, and all is fine.

    But, thanks Canandians, for the fun over the Thanksgiving weekend and helping to keep me sane.

    I would like to visit your wonderful country sometime if I ever get a chance. But in the meantime keep on laughing.

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    Aug. 1, 2000


    Thanks Valentine - I will retire a happy BBer knowing that we Canadians were able to save at least one flu-ridden individual. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

    Thanks too Erin for the BB life cycle. I've heard of the "terrible twos" but it looks like the BB is suffering from the "furious fives" [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    Feb. 14, 2000
    Harrisburg, PA


    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Robby Johnson:
    I would also like to say, and I understand that this is almost a semantic thing (since the 90's saw a widely accepted use - in the US - of MAO inhibitors and anti-depressants), that it's almost harsh to recommend "Prozac," or any other drug to someone who has a fervent opinion about something. There is also nothing wrong with being medicated for depression, but it does require a clinical diagnosis. It's insulting to individuals who may be medicated for that reason and it implies that being medicated is wrong when, in fact, it's not. It's a positive step in the right direction (when used with adjunct therapies and medical supervision).


    Thank you for this, while I know everyone is joking about this you never know who's nerves/feelings its going to touch . . . just as some spelling comments touch others etc.
    Thanks again
    - - - - - -
    \"I found my inner bitch and ran with her.\" ~ Courtney Love

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    Nov. 18, 2000
    Old age and aches and pains! I hate winter. I still think it was upper management error that I was born to a cold climate!!!


    Canter, you really are starting to be my hero. I love your moxy. My kids are always saying, " Don't f*&% with Mom!" I think yours may feel the same.

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    Oct. 29, 1999


    I agree that there are many more frivilous posts than in the past.

    I go away for a week and it took me hours to sort through 5 pages of new posts, many of wish were long jokes that I couldn't tell from the name.

    I guess what bothers me the most is when people take a serious topic and turn it into a joke about their lives that many others don't get.

    I don't have the time to read every post and know what the scoop is on each person and that is the only way that you would be able to follow what is happening in most of the threads.

    It would be nice to eliminate the long joking threads, frivilous is one thing, but spending hours sorting through a serious topic only to find it "taken" over is a tad annoying and one reason I stopped going to other boards. I truly liked this one because there was more "horsey" stuff than non and very little of the picking fights. I see that has changed.

    Let's be adults and pick our jokes accordingly, not trash a good thread because you have nothing better to do (I'm not speaking of this one, but of others).

    Flame away.

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    I've Had Enough Guest


    Ply, Washington?? I have no idea where that is! I am actually from Laughenmyassoff, Texas. ok Bumpkin? lol

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    Oct. 5, 1999
    \"in the wind, and rain, looking for the sun..................\"


    Gee Erin, looks like we're headed for 6a...

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    Nov. 12, 2000


    ::dies:: welll you all.. um.. maybe it would be a good idea if you put in another section of the forum.. such as.. "General Discussion", where you can talk about anything you want, and dn't have to talk about horses. ^_^ I think that would be a good idea... o.o who else does?

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    Dec. 5, 1999


    i think we should just let this topic go, and go on our merry ways, read the posts we like, and dont read the ones that dont interest you. And if you dont see and interesting topic, than try and start your own.

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