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    Jan. 9, 2012

    Default Mares teat swollen

    I noticed saturday afternoon my mares right teat was swollen. She just turned six and has never had a foal. I googled it and found that this can occur some times when they go into heat.
    I went out yesterday and it was still swollen. I asked one of the other boarders she said some mares you had to "milk" during heat. So I "milked" her. My mare didn't seem to care but liked the relief. Her teat wasn't hot or tender. Clearish liquid came out at first but then it got darker and little white balls (pus like I guess) came out as well. I have called my vet and she is coming out this afternoon.
    Has anyone heard of this? What would be a cause and/or treatment for this?


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    Nov. 10, 2008


    Sounds like she has mastitis, which is an infection in the mammary gland. The vet is probably going to give you a tube to insert an antibiotic into the teat. Mares usually get this when they are drying up after weaning, but I think anything that introduces bacteria into the teat can do it. Perhaps she laid on a pile?

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    Jan. 9, 2012


    She very well could have laid on something. She isn't always the cleanest of horses. The vet just gave her 10 sulfa pills twice a day for 7 days. I hope this takes care of it. She didn't have a fever.

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