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    Nov. 8, 1999


    for three hours on 9/15 to get on a commercial flight from Philly to Los Angeles.

    I was not alone. A charter flight that only a few people mostly known to each other could get near was gonna be a much safer entity.
    Mal:This is the Captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then .... explode

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    Dec. 26, 2000


    <<Consider this

    Do we think that all of the NFL owners and players, all the major league owners and players and all involved with NASCAR agreed not to compete? I can't imagine they did but what they did do was put on a united front. >>


    Weren't they all back on their respective fields by Nations Cup weekend? But they didn't play the weekend following the attacks...

    As for the "united front" thing you are after: it wouldn't be too late even now for the USET to issue some sort of statement in support of the Madrid team...they haven't stopped sending out press releases the whole time; but since the cancellation of their trip, they have said not official word number one on this--all the "talk" has been by riders (who showed at the Gold Cup), and one particularly disgruntled chef....

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    Nov. 23, 1999


    Yeah, and some of them really have to learn to spell, or we'll have "drooped" rails everywhere.

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    Jun. 2, 2000
    Sussex, NJ


    In reply to the comment that a stranger couldn't have made it on the flight with the horses. The horses don't always go by chartered planes or strickly cargo, there are also combination flights that are loaded with passangers who have no idea the horses are in cargo in the back of the plane. (I have been on such a flight with horses representing the U.S.) And besides wasn't there a plane a while ago that went down because a crew member (I don't remember the details) took control and intentionally crashed the plane?! Anything can happen as we now know.

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    May. 15, 1999
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    So does that mean we never take a shower?

    OK! the risk was there, no one said it wasn't, no one I've read called the Team that was supposed to go cowards. BUT...that doesn't excuse them condemning the guys who show to save face in Europe.

    How does it look if the world lines up to help us, and we can't even show up? Don't forget over in Europe horses are more than a hobby.

    Frankly, I'm more upset about the USOC not supporting New York at a time like this. That's all New York is asking. Just for us to all come there, stay at hotels eat food and enjoy. I was offended by the USOC deciding to move the meeting to Texas whenit could have been rescheduled in New York.

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