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    Default Go ahead, I DARE you to clean the house!!

    I have 7yo Toula, the Irish Wolfhound, and 4yo Ricky, the beautiful and personable orange Maine Coon cat. The former lovely, and predictable, has made the occasional slip-up, but only if sick. The latter ok, as long as you don't rearrange things! Frankly, for the time I've had him, he has been very good for the most part - some predictable goofs that I can handle (an occasional poop outside the box on a scatter rug thrown outside to pick up litter). Last month I tried a new litter, World's Best, mixing it in with the old -it was on sale at Target, and I still see it on the end caps. Not revisiting that again! Did not contain the odor well at all, and Ricky started to seem to be confused about use of his box, although still pretty well stuck to it, but then again...

    So last week, I had company coming for The Ky Derby. I am no neat freak - probably lately people would say I may even be a hoarder as I have an illogical house with little storage, and I have belongings from previous homes, cottage, life overseas, now that I've returned to riding - horse gear, and also, of course, my son's college furnishings now that he graduated last year. Anyway, I made a concerted effort, and moved or removed a great deal of the boxes I had aside for packing, plus stuff I needed to get out of here in the first place. Pulled out and vacuumed under places not seen in recent times. My place is not filthy, but does have dust and hair about, but otherwise I keep things fairly clean and odor free. So I decide to do a really good once over - especially downstairs, and in the half bath where the cat box is.

    Morning of the Derby, come downstairs and he has sprayed's warm and the sun is shining in and exacerbating it. Never could determine the location, or maybe an outside animal hit the house? It gradually dissipates. Use the sprinkle on carpet powder. Light a candle, and it is less apparent. It is downstairs, and I do have commercial wall to wall on the floor.

    Throughout the week, I search on hands and knees for dampish/smelly spot. When warm out, it smells. Finally yesterday, I think I've determined the spot. It is one where Toula had an accident last year under a window at the back of the living/dining room. I really know this when I hit it with the Nature's Miracle I've recently unearthed. Used to have it by the boxload when raising and showing Labbies in the past. Have now learned NOT a good idea to use where a cat has also peed. So this morning I am back to deluging it with club soda, and will try a paste of baking soda, a little hydrogen peroxide, and lots more club soda. I have bought another box of the old cat litter, and am inspecting the box often to make sure there are regular contributions.

    Have been worried perhaps Ricky has a UTI, and have talked w/ vet. He has no hard bumps, nor is he otherwise unhappy, except when he knows I'm in a dither and is hiding. Eats fine, plays fine, and lords over me and the dog when he sits above us on the back of the couch.

    This is a cat I truly love. Very much like my old one when I was a child, only with more personality. Truly beautiful. I brought a Siamese into the house 10 years ago from the shelter - became immediately apparent why he was turned in. I eventually had to give him up when he defecated on all the brand new mattresses, the couch when purchased new. I do not want to go through this again.

    Vet tech says the cat could be upset with the recent cleaning smells. C'mon - I can't not clean! I'm determined to get this place done so that I can have company regularly this summer, and now it's an uphill battle...

    This may be premature, and hopefully with the new box of old brand litter, he'll return to normal. But I'm on pins and needles.

    And to help matters, Toula got into a bag of paper trash in the living room last night - because it had one wrapper from Mickey D's. I am determined to keep this place clean now that I've rolled up my sleeves - but they aren't!!

    Any observations? Suggestions? I love my animals, have family that won't visit because even though they love theirs, they are confined to a small area of their home. It is just me and the animals, with an occasional visit from my son. They do have the run of the house. And frankly, in the rest of it - upstairs - other rooms with wall to wall, and wood floors - no problems.

    Thanks for plowing through all of this!

    PS One additional bit of info - he was accidentally shut outside overnight about 10 days ago, but that was before the cleaning, and he didn't really act differently immediately afterwards. I also wonder about the critters close by to this house in the boonies - we have had a woodchuck under the porch years ago, and plenty of little vermin in the walls. I wonder if the spring and warmth exacerbates those old smells and Ricky is compensating. But he hasn't done this in years' past, and I can't tear down the walls, too!!
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