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    Default Slight lameness--is it possible?

    My 8 yo mare was shod Monday, same farrier I have had for years w/o ANY problems, same type shoes, etc, etc ridden Tues, a good, strong ride, relatively hard ride where she played and bucked a bit, but VERY sound, not ridden Wed, Thurs but turned out in big field for 12 hours, not showing any lameness walking into and out of barn, but on Fri when I go to take her out of her stall seems a bit lame seemingly on left front. No obvious swelling on legs, look at both shoes, clean feet, make sure are no rocks, nails dislodged, etc, feel for digital pulse, nothing there. Turn her out in field all day since she was not that lame and was curious to see if it would improve after day in field. She came in better, but still does not want to pivot on that left front and bobs a little at the trot. I have had this mare since birth and she is quite tough. Is it possible she could have been nailed 'a little close' this time and it would take this many days (3) to show up?

    Just interested in your experiences since I have had so few problems with my horses or with this farrier. And, of course, am concerned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSD View Post
    Is it possible she could have been nailed 'a little close' this time and it would take this many days (3) to show up?
    Yes, it's possible. Though there are no guarantees that's the problem, it's certainly within the realm of possibility.

    Several years ago one of my mares was shod in front, and the nail penetrated just alongside the quick, instead of directly through it. So no immediate jerking or any sign of a hot nail that day. But it caused some not-immediate irritation, and she was lame with the beginnings of an abscess a few days later.
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