If your horse has summer pasture heaves have they already started coughing? My mare hasn't yet so I'm wondering if the smartbreath/msm combo is making a difference or maybe because the temps. and humdity hasn't been really bad yet. The recommendation for horses that have summer pasture heaves it to keep them in during the summer. My mare would go crazy. I have a steriod to use if she gets bad. Maybe if I have to keep her in I could take all my stall walls down and keep pony (almost 11hands) and mare together in 10x50ft area stall (mare is one that goes a little nuts when she is alone though is okay in different stalls). They are best buddies and never kick at each other. Will even eat out of the same grain bucket.

Does anyone know if older hay is better for a horse that has summer pasture heaves say than 1st fresh cutting? If your has summer pasture heaves do you take them off of hay and just feed a complete feed?