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    Feb. 28, 2001


    My pet peeve in addition to about every one here is not meeting people like those who listed the pet peeves!!

    I seem to only meet the ones everyone here is complaining about!!

    Now if I could meet someone who didn't drive their golf cart like a lunatic with the unleashed dog behind the cart herding all the horses, with the sniffling brat in custom boots and 7 butet saddles, traveling to meet the trainer to see if she can use the bathroom after which asking when the groom will have her horse prepared only so she can show up after many gates call to scratch because rain is predicted for 3 counties over, deciding to show, sit on her six figure horse while he tries like the champ he is to dig out of that distance she shoved him to ONLY leaving the ring to hop off toss the reins to former mentioned groom and annouce to former mentioned trainer that he MUST find her a suitable horse, money is no option, after which aforementioned trainer gets on now pitifully exhausted hunter to slap on some draw reins and school the snot out of him so he doesn't lose a client ONLY to be informed that she has left him for the new trainer du jour.... shall I go on????

    Anyway if I could meet someone NOT like that person I may be inclined to show again one day!!!
    (OK I lied, just waiting on my little greenie to grow up).

    Life is too short to dance with ugly men

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    Apr. 14, 2001
    the bitty little state in zone 2


    Oh my god...I cant stand half of the world when I go to shows...haha

    Mr personal pet peeves...
    -dogs running loose
    -gates left open
    -people cantering behind you without giving you any clue that their coming
    -people who cut you off
    -cell phones
    -golf carts, bikes and motor bikes
    -little kids running around screaming
    -people who should have moved up a division a long time ago, but keep on doing it for the points...
    -people who ignore you when you call out 'Heads Up vertical!'

    i could go on and on...but I'll spare ya!

    thank you for listening...hehe

    &curren Britt &curren

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    Jan. 12, 2000


    Here are my pet peeves
    Schooling a young horse in schooling area and waddya know there is always at least one lil kid (always on a white pony) carreenin in and out of schooling area.Always cutting you off as you have turned to jumps and young horse spooks at kid!!I REALLY HATE THAT!
    pros with cell phones two way radios etc tec beepers yad yad on th eir belt loops .Christ do you really think you are that special???
    Horse show offices that try to over charge you and then after you show them the mistakes they have made do not apologize
    clients who say they want one thing but once they see how much time is involved in achieving that goal,aren't prepared to commit the time to achieve it.
    Riders who immediately blame their horse or pony for every difficulty they encounter
    shows that don't caare if they put on a good show even though they do know what the term "good show"means

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    Apr. 10, 2001


    WOW!!! sorry guys im one of those crazy kids in the golfcart(but i can drive well just not with 30 people packed in) and i also carry my walky talky around with me and i also barely ever do work for myself at shows(i need to work on that one..but my mom honestly loves helping out...she will do anything for any of the girls at our barn)

    *Im out like the color blind kid in twister*

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    Nov. 20, 2000
    Wes Mincer


    This is not really directly horse show related pet peeve but what about those obnoxious people who have an opinion on everything horse or horseshow related (usually negative, too) but don't actually compete. Of course they usually have a perfectly "reasonable" excuse as to why they don't compete.

    Oh yeah, and what about people who write snide-little passive-agressive-disguised-as-clever posts. How pathetic is that?

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