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    Default Horseguard 2 or 3 strands?

    Behind my barn I have a 96x96x112 (all approx) area that I could fence in next to the barnand leave open to the barn if I want. Prev. owners had already put small rocks footing so it's pretty solid. In front of that area is my kids swingset/trampoline.

    My pony is right around 10.3hands and my horse right at 15hands. Would two strands of horseguard fence be enough for both of them?

    My plan is to leave the left barn door open to the outside and my horse and pony can go in and out of the barn as they please. I plan on putting a stall guard up in my aisle after the first stall so they can walk in the barn into the 10x18 stall and leave out of either two stall doors to go back outside. Pony and horse are best buds and don't really fight (other than my horse nipping the pony in the butt to get her out of her way).

    I thought this would be useful on those on and off rainy summer nights since I don't have shelter in my front pasture.

    Only problem I have with if they have access to both stall doors then they would be able to reach the light switch (everything is in conduit) but I don't think they would mess with it.

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    I had to use my wash stall as an overflow stall for a while. I just made an open wooden box to fit around the outside of the light switch. I can reach my hand in, but the horse couldn't reach it to mess with it.

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    Three is the safer number, but it depends on the horses. I had a gelding who would slip through two, even three, but my current mares won't even try to cross one.
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    The tape itself (and a few insulators) is fairly inexpensive so I would go 3 strands if you think that might be a concern.
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    Sort of depends on the animals, ponies especially, some will test a fence just for fun and others not. I'd start with three.
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