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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyleed View Post
    Thanks for all of the helpful information, I appreciate it! I wasn't going to give him any at all, but after reading more about it I think I will be safe giving him half a pill with his dinner the night before the show. I'm not showing until the last class of the day and the pill only lasts for 24 hours so I think I will be fine even if I was to give him the entire pill but I guess it's better to be safe then sorry I have also heard that there are cheaper forms of Previcox safe to give to horses, has anyone ever used them or looked into them?
    You do realize that your horse can be tested AT ANY TIME on the showgrounds, even if you scratch your class? The drug tester does not have to wait until you come out of the show ring to test you. He or she may test your horse if he likes whenever he likes as long as the horse is on the grounds of a USEF rated show.

    As far as the new user wants to know-I'm not going to freak out if a client uses Previcox left over from their dog, but I'm not going to take the risk of selling it to them nor am I willing to write them an Rx specifically for Previcox when there is an approved equine drug (oh it royally chaps my hide that drug companies do this and jack up the prices of the equine med, but I'm also bound to follow the law)

    Anecdotally, some people have had luck with the Previcox (I believe COTH wisdom is that the 227mg lg dog pill is generally effective when quartered and given every day for a week then weaned down to lowest effective dose say 1/4 pill every other day or every two days etc) My old horse gets her dose of Equioxx every 36 hours now and seems good but when the ground is softer does well on every 48 or 72 sometimes.
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    Also, depending on the size of the pill that you're cutting in half, half of a pill might be more than teh horse needs.

    I give my mare 1/4 of a 257mg pill, per my vet's instruction.

    On the other side, if you're giving half of hte 50-something mg tablet, you're probably not giving enough.

    You need to specify what size tablets you're planning to use.
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    Back to OP...I would not give any at all 24 hours before competition unless you are SURE about it. Which means you really are going to need to call USEF. I am not sure so I would.

    I used it, previcox, a few years back when we were still showing. But we always cut it and anything else 3 days out. Just bute in allowable doses at the shows. Got tested about 6 times and it's nice not to have to worry.

    Ask USEF D&M. Their number is on the website and they are very nice to speak with.
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