Approximately 15 year old, 14 hand Arabian cross mare. Super easy keeper, doesn't require grain and while she has never foundered, I wouldn't reccomend her to be pastured on very much lush grass. Excellent hooves, barely needs a trim when the farrier comes out to reshoe the TB's every 6-7 weeks. Stands well for the vet and farrier, does not crib, and is fine in a stall or out 24/7. Gets along with mares, geldings, or both together. Lower on the pecking order.

While she will stand ties for hours to be groomed and fussed over, she is not suitable for children and has a diva mare attitude at times. She was most likely abused at some point and when I got her five years ago she would kick as a reaction to fear. She no longer kicks and you can pick up all four hooves without issue, but I wouldn't trust her with the unpredictability of a child. She has learned to trust through the patient handling of an adult. She has good ground manners and is respectful of her handler.

She is sound and healthy, but due to her unknown history and age, I am placing her as a companion only. She has been off the farm only twice in the five years I have owned her and loaded in a straight-load 2 horse without much drama. She went to two horse shows and was a star hanging out on the grounds and in showmanship.

I do not NEED to find her a home, but at the moment she's just hanging out at home and I thought maybe she could serve someone a purpose. I would be placing her as a free lease with a contract to ensure she is well-taken care of and will return to me if she is no longer needed.

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