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    Default durability ofsoft white fly sheets vs kensington type stiff fly sheets

    I want to buy a fly sheet with a hood on it. I have had the Kensington fly sheet which has held up extremely well. It’s a stiff shell and 1000 denier weight so I think that is part of the reason why it has held up so well.
    Lately though I have been looking at the soft fly sheet combos. Schneiders has one that looks very nice. Its that soft white material. And it looks like it would be more comfy. But I always buy very heavy denier weight blankets because I don’t like getting my blankets fixed. My current turnout blanket is 2000 denier weight.
    How do these nice white soft shell fly sheets hold up compared to the stiffer kinds like the baker turnout fly sheet or the Kensington models.
    I just cant decide which one I want and I can get them on sale for about the same price of 100 bucks.

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    Every couple of years I get sucked into buying a soft fly sheet. Every time I do it, I swear I'll never buy another one because they have a very short life span. Even on quiet mares, they develop holes, which grow into little rips, and before two weeks are up, they are gone.
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    You have got to remember that denier=thickness of the fiber not the strength. remember you can have a pencil and a piece of steel 1/2 the diameter of the pencil, the steel will alway be tougher. Also-Texteline mesh tends to be much thicker then softer fly sheets.

    Also it depends on the horse. My draft mare would run herself into a frothy sweat from flies. We tried several "stiff" texteline sheets and she'd either sweat to death, or tear them off on a branch.

    She now has a Saratoga Summer Turnout (super lightweight) and had yet to ruin it (3yrs old with constant summer use). She has even rubbed against trees (it gets snags but due to the weave of it you can pull the spots back normal). I think she just got too hot/uncomfortable and wanted the thicker sheets off ASAP.
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    I have a Kensington which I love... My horse routinely houdini's out of it, and there is nothing even close to resembling a hole in the material. The sucker is tough.

    My one complaint about it, is that it doesn't seem to breathe all that well on the really hot days.
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