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    Nov. 30, 2008

    Default Need a flavor enhancer--ideas?

    Hi all!

    My horse is insulin resistant. He's on a pelleted feed, no molasses. Even the Equine Senior has molasses, so need something to add (or spray?) that will be tasty for him to eat--no carbs? Smart Pak taste adder has too many carbs. Previously a very solid "good doer", now he not cleaning his plate. He needed to lose weight, but we're there weightwise, so need him to finish meals. I've seen him walk away from feed to eat hay, this is not good! Thanks!
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    Why is he getting the grain? Can he maintain weight on just hay? That's probably the direction I'd look to go in, honestly.

    For my easy-keeper air fern, I just give him a scoop of this ( vitamin supplement put out by my local tack place, and hay. This particular supplement is great because it's a pellet, so it doesn't need any "carrier." (Aka, additional carbs.) He looks fabulous, is keeping the weight off, and I know he's getting all he needs in terms of vit/min.

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    Jan. 2, 2009


    I also had an IR horse and was advised to use Coco-Soya(sp) from Ueckle(sp). It worked well, but I am by No Means and NSC expert. Perhaps you could join the Cushings/IR group on Yahoo?

    Good luck poor eaters can be trying.

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    Jul. 20, 2007
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    Uckele makes sugar free horse flavorings in Peppermint and Molasses flavors. They work great and are very reasonable price-wise.
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    It's an odd choice, but my mare goes crazy over the berry-flavored Aloe Vera juice I find at Walmart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tabula rashah View Post
    Uckele makes sugar free horse flavorings in Peppermint and Molasses flavors. They work great and are very reasonable price-wise.
    One of my guys used to get the peppermint flavor added to his feed and he loved it. I believe they have a sugar free one as well. He also loved Cocosoya too and it smells heavenly. I would think either of those 2 things would work well.
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    I've added a tablespoon or so of cinnamon when I had to give meds, sometimes with a bit of sugar-free applesauce to make things stick -- current feed has the consistency of Rice Krispies so powders tend to slide off.

    I agree with GoForAGallop, though, if he can maintain without any grain at all, you're better off.

    If horse was previously cleaning his bucket and is only now starting to walk away from the end of the meal, I would look into the possible reasons first...
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    Dec. 3, 2008
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    Another vote for cocasoya oil. You might also try sprinkling a little sugar free Jello powder on top of the feed. I've had great results with the raspberry flavor when "disguising" medications (Regumate). They lick it all up!
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    Fenugreek! A university (Michigan maybe? I can't really remember which one) did a study on which flavor was most preferred by horses and fenugreek was the hands down winner. Bonus: it has a nice regulating effect on blood sugar and improves circulation. Many people mistakenly think that horses crave sweetness, but that's not entirely true. Horses have very few sweet taste buds, but look for more of the the umami (savory) flavor in fenugreek. I make fenugreek flavored treats for my old IR/laminitic pony, and they are a big hit with everyone in the barn!

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