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    Question Glycerine soaps for cleaning/conditioning tack

    Is there a difference between the pure glycerine soap bars that can be purchased at a drug store and the glycerine soaps branded as "saddle soaps" other than the price? Can pure glycerine soap be used to condition tack? I'm wondering if the pricing on those labeled for tack is just another one of those heavy mark ups for us "rich" horse people or if there really is something better about the more expensive bars.

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    I don't know if it's 'right' but I use Castille Soap for my tack.

    I have a saddle that I got new when I was 14 and, um, didn't really take the best care of. I also, stupidly, used cheap stirrup leathers on it when it was new which was hard on the flap.

    I used to use all the 'horse' products when I got older and knew better about taking care of it, but had trouble keeping it looking nice and the color even where the stirrup leathers had rubbed.

    Now I use Castille Soap and pure neatsfoot oil (warmed in the microwave) and it's never looked better and it's going strong as I near my 30th birthday

    My understanding is that if you're going to use something like Castille Soap you MUST oil or condition because it really strips the oils (I use Castille Soap to do a clarifying rinse on my hair every so often, it gets squeaky clean!) If you're just doing a quick wipedown, you're better off using a saddlesoap.

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