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    May. 3, 2012

    Default Paso Fino filly, 2 years old, in WV

    This girl will be 2 in June. She is purebred but not registered. Watching her in the field she does appear to have a nice gait. She is dark gray. I have not measured her but I'd estimate she's around 13h right now. Her dam was 14.1h. She is hard to catch in the pasture, but is inquisitive enough to come sniff fingers. She doesn't run, just stays right out of arm's reach. She's never had her feet done but they don't look bad - no cracks, not overly long, and minimal flaring. She's always been sound and healthy.

    Anyone interested should be prepared to treat her as unhandled and be ready to start from the ground up. That said, I can get a halter on her in a confined space (e.g. a stall). She will lead but is starting to pull and test her limits. She will stand tied. I can get her loaded into a stock trailer with a few minutes effort.

    She's been on the farm since birth, an unexpected surprise from a mare I had. I had good intentions to keep her as a future riding horse but two kids later the reality is I just don't get horse time without my kids around. She is not inherently dangerous but is on the reactive side. She is simply not safe to be around my kids. It's time to try and give her a better chance in a new home.

    She is free to a paso experienced home with good references. Given a chance with someone who understands pasos I think she'd be an excellent horse.

    I get very little computer time so please, serious, adult inquiries only.

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    Sep. 8, 2011


    Sent you a PM

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    got any pics? i used to show pasos and my boyfriend is from south america and trained them down there. we are curious

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