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    Default Sore loin area

    Vet is coming out next Monday, but I like to self diagnose My horse is really sore in his loin area. I have tried massage, liniments etc. and nothing has helped. Is soreness in this area a symptom of hock pain? It has been over 18 months since his hocks were injected and at that time X-rays showed he was about 50% fused.

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    when my horse was sore in loins it was hocks. 18 months is a long time between injections. My guess is he is telling you it is time.

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    Sore hocks will can absolutely cause a sore back. I agree it's probably time to have him injected again.
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    It could be long toes/long breakover in the hind, too. There's a really nice article published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science about long toes in the hind and gluteal muscle pain.
    I know my mare had long toes behind and as she got closer to the end of her shoeing cycle she would get more reactive over her butt. Shortening up her toe has helped with this. Also, I think it's helped with her slight girthiness. If you can read the article you'll see the pain meridians that they map out. There are two- one line of pain that runs over the top of the horse, and another that runs along the bottom through the stomach. It's an interesting concept- hind foot pain causing stomach and back pain. They only studied 77 horses, but the data seems pretty compelling. Good luck with your horse!

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