Event: Smart Social Media for Horse Professionals
Date: May 14th 2012
Time: 6:00 pm Pacific - 8:00 Central - 9:00 Eastern
Place: Simulcast - attend via your phone or computer
Speakers: Elisabeth McMillan and Chad Mendell

As social media has evolved it has become abundantly clear that certain marketing strategies are far more effective than others. This is especially true for horse business owners.

In order for horse professionals to receive the maximum benefits that social media can deliver, you must develop the specific social media strategies that complement your particular business model. For example, a riding school will need a completely different social media marketing plan than a professional rider. Breeders and sales barns need to apply different social marketing strategies than boarding stables.

Without the correct plans and strategies in place, it is like a basketball team using the playbook of a football team. Some of the principles of success may be the same, but the actual "moves" will be as different as night and day. Equestrian Professional's next free horse business webinar will help you build a winning social media marketing playbook for your horse business!

You will learn:

1. Which social media strategies and platforms work best for your specific horse business model and why. You'll get loads of examples and ideas that you can apply right away to improve your results.

2. The five critical audiences you must reach in order to consistently deliver the best customers to your door and how to effectively connect with them.

3. Essential systems, tools and apps for getting more done in less time. Social Media can be overwhelming and totally ineffective without the right tools and systems in place. You'll learn how to create a plan that works for your schedule.

4. How to use social media to increase your current profitability and/or create new additional income streams.

Plus, we'll also share a few insider secrets from our own private social media marketing playbook and give you a quick rundown on the latest social media platform updates and a brief introduction to a couple social media newcomers that equestrians should be aware of.

This webinar is free to all horse professionals and can be attended via your phone or computer. However, you must register to attend. Smart Social Media for Horse Professionals is an annual event and one of our most popular seminars of the year. Spots are limited and they will fill quickly. Sign up today!